Somalia Summary

Here are some of the main points:
1. Gift of the Givers (GOTG) is the largest NGO operational in Mogadishu presently. This was verified by the Somali President on state television 3 days ago.
2. Next in line are the Iranian and Turkish Red Cresent.
3. Other NGO's may have a presence but no real activities are undertaken by them.
4. GOTG has a sound relationship with all 16 Commissioners of the 16 Mogadishu districts of which 6 districts are totally under our control.
5. We are the only NGO providing hot meals and dry rations daily in the 6 districts we control which is where the largest concentration of refugees are located.
6. The reason we have not expanded to other districts is due to the fact that all the refugees have come to us simply because we provide food daily.
7. We run the only wet feeding in Mogadishu and have 4 centres presently through which we feed 47000 people twice daily.
8. We intend establishing 4 more Feeding Centres.
9. We supply a 1000 new families with dry rations daily. This is a substantial increase from the 300 families per day we initially commenced with.
10. We've recently set up an Orphan Centre near the airport and are feeding 3000 orphans daily.
11. We provide water for 15000 people daily through the borehole we established in one of the districts.
12. We are officially in control of Forlanini Hospital in North Mogadishu. The Health Ministry has issued us with a letter confirming this.
13. This hospital was in El Shabbab hands until they left on 19 August 2011. GOTG took control of it on 9 September 2011. We  have a management, medical and security team there and are treating 800 patients daily 7 days a week.
14. GOTG has its own secure accommodation for its personnel and voluntary medical teams, has its own 4x4 passenger transport vehicles, its own delivery trucks, secure warehouses and armed military personnel as its security.
15. We have an excellent relationship with the Transitional Federal Government including the President, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Health Minister and Internal Affairs Minister.
16. The President and several ministers visited us at Forlanini Hospital to thank GOTG and South Africa officially for service to Somalia and beseeched us not to leave.
17. We also have excellent relations with the AU forces, several of the Somali clans and the "elders", the Mogadishu airport authority and the clearing agents at the airport, the Mogadishu harbour authority and the clearing agents at the harbour, Bancroft International (a support agency for AU forces; two South Africans are involved here), the shipping line that operates from Dubai to Mogadishu, the Somali media and the Somali people.
18. El Shabbab have contacted us from the first day of our presence in Mogadishu from 18 July 2011 and have had cordial relations with us telephonically since that date.
19. In the first 47 days of our presence in Somalia our spend was R40 million rand which included:
A.Flying 11 planes into Mogadishu (2 were provided by the SANDF and one by private sector) with 175 tons of supplies, 93 medical and media personnel including all South African media groups, CNN, Chinese TV and BBC.
B.Sending 2080 tons of supplies on 5 ships.
C.Treating 10 700 patients, setting up our own theatre, working in 4 hospitals and performing 80 operations. D.10 000 families were given dry rations in that initial phase.
20. We have dispatched another 27 containers carrying 540 tons of supplies on 30 November 2011. Today we load one more container of medical supplies.
21. GOTG has official registration with the Somali government hence no custom duty is payable on supplies arriving in the country.  The above is a summary of our Somalia project from 18 July 2011 to the present.

We thank all South Africans for their generous support of the Somalia project which is a shining example of Africans supporting Africa. The gratitude extends to the South African Government, media ( local and international), corporates, professionals, family businesses, schools, religious institutions, sports groups, students, pensioners and everyone in between. A special thanks to the numerous international donors and especially Magnus from Mary's Meals in Scotland who contributed USD 660 000 towards nutrition.