Somalia Emergency Aid

It was exactly around this time last year that we took a decision to respond to the Famine in Somalia.  To this date our teams are still there.  Your contributions have saved tens of thousands of lives as we chartered 11 flights carrying 175 tons of supplies and sent in another 132 containers carrying 2640 tons of aid on several ships.  Together with the medical support we provided at the four hospitals our total spend in Somalia has been a staggering R80 million over a one year period.

With poor rainfall once again, a predicted late harvest, increased conflict and slow recovery from the famine of 2011 our support for Somalia continues.  Presently 126 000 people are accessing food daily from our 4 Feeding Centres, 7000 orphans are provided for by us and several hundred physically challenged families are given food parcels monthly. As El-Shabbab withdraws from several areas, thousands of new starving, dying refugees are flocking into Mogadishu and other parts of Somalia for life saving food aid.

On Tuesday, 17 July 2012, our next consignment of 20 containers carrying 400 tons of emergency food aid departs by ship.  Loading has commenced today.  Items include rice, maize, oil, whole beans, sugar, tinned fish, soup, soya, salt, tinned beans and high energy supplements. 

Details: 0800 786 777.