Appreciation Letter from a Beneficiary of GOTG Aid

Please see below an email received from a beneficiary:

Dear Gift of the Givers

Thank you for the wonderful work you do. A lady I know, who is still traumatised from coming under attack during the 2008 xenophobic attacks, took refuge at your Dragon City camp in Johannesburg this weekend. She works in SA legally and cannot afford to ‘pack up and go’ back to Zimbabwe – her entire family back home depends on her income. So she must risk her life to keep on working, and cannot afford to miss even one day of work. When threats of violence against foreigners started in Alexandra at the weekend, she and her friends feared for their lives, and sought shelter at the police station. They would have stayed there with no food or facilities as long as they had to. But thanks to you, their fear and discomfort did not last long.

She prefers not to be named, but wishes to thank you. She told me:  We were cold and hungry at the police station. We didn’t sleep. We were so afraid and we had nothing. The children were crying from hunger. Then these people came after 12 o’clock at night, and said ‘we have come to fetch you to somewhere safe’. Some people were afraid to go, but I said to my friends ‘let us go to this place – I have heard of these people’. They took us to the camp and we saw there were beds, heaters, nice tents. So many blankets. Then all of us were so happy – everyone was laughing because it was safe and warm. We didn’t expect to get such a nice place. We could sleep, and the children got food, clothes – even nappies and toys. This organisation is wonderful.”

Kind regards

T Burrows