Shack Fires in Tshwane July 2016

Tragedy struck Plastic View Informal Settlement when an "apparent explosion" in one of the shacks and the subsequent fire destroyed three hundred homes.  Sadly, five people lost their lives.
Gift of the Givers received many calls for assistance. We responded immediately with blankets, clothes, bottled water, tents, plastic sheeting and hot meals on site.

On arrival we were greeted by total destruction, smouldering flames and very frightened people.  We were met by Joan De Beer, Head of Disaster Management and Thoko Didiza, Mayor-elect for Tshwane.  We had also received calls from the DA requesting our intervention.  As per our standard protocol, our intervention is independent of, and not attached to any political party.  Our aid comes from the people of South Africa and not political parties.  The presence of political party representatives as ward councillors is a common phenomenon in every disaster we respond to.

Watch a short snippet of our response last night:

We have delivered two hundred tents (courtesy of ABSA), fed 1500 people and gave out 300 blankets last night at Plastic View Informal Settlement.  Further distribution takes place at 11 am today with hot meals being served at 3 pm.  The Department of Home Affairs will operate from our facility and reissue people with new ID documents.  We are located at the corner of Garsfontein and De Villebois Mareuil Drive.
Contact person on site, Ali Sayed 060 963 8872.

Dropped pin found on Google Maps here:

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