Animal Feed an Urgent Need

Thank you for the fantastic response to our drought relief intervention. A full update on progress will be provided next week.

What is of major concern to us now is the condition of tens of thousands of animals as they are facing thirst and hunger in the absence of feed. Loss of animals is impacting heavily on the farmers, both subsistence and large scale, with major implications for farm labourers, farmers and the general economy. It has been stated that farmers owe in excess of 125 billion rand to banks at the moment. Given the present expanding economic crisis South Africa cannot afford further job losses. We can't save all the farmers nor can we save all farm labourers and we certainly can't save all the animals; that is the reality of this massive drought.  But collectively, we CAN make a difference.

The sight of dead animals having perished from thirst and lack of feed is not pleasant.  This appeal is specific for animal feed.  We have been informed that protein based pallets (6-8%) is the appropriate product and costs R5600 per ton.  We will appreciate any support and advise on this as this is NOT our field of expertise.  Feed in kind will be welcomed or cash contributions into Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Account No. 052137228, Branch Code, 057525, reference FEED.  Please email or fax deposit slip with full contact details for acknowledgement purposes. For tax benefit certificates please email  For further communication on this issue please contact Estelle Van Jaarsveld 0832875988.