Distribution in Springfontein

Gift of the Givers distributes aid to the Springfontein community and to the Springfontein Secondary school.

Springfontein Community:

  • 960 x 5lt Water 
  • 800 x Boxes of Soup
  • 160 Baby Packs (Huggies Nappies and Wet Wipes)
  • 160 Detergent Packs (Washing Powder and Sta Soft)
Springfontein Secondary School:
  • 60 x 5 lt Water
  • 5 Boxes of Cupcakes
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The distribution of 700 x 5 litres of water to the impoverished community of Bella Vista, a suburb in Ceres, was very well received by the community and a pleasant experience for volunteers.

Having identified the need in the area we discovered that the dam levels were below 18% capacity.

Our aim was to distribute the water and provide small water saving measures to ensure the community was aware and proactive in their situation.

Organised by the Deputy Mayor, Mr Karriem Adams, the community gathered in Bella Vista and the distribution was done between various points. Mr Adams had met us in the morning and provided assistance throughout our stay.

The volunteers from the Shukrul Mubeen Mosque had a fulfilling experience and are eager to provide assistance in the future.

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