Drought Relief for Kroonstad Today

Kroonstad has virtually one week of water left for the town and surrounding districts.  It is in a desperate state of emergency.  Water is pumped from the river into the dam.  Both the river and dam are now dry.  Gift of the Givers trucks have been dispatched this morning to deliver bottled water to the area.  Any further contribution of bottled water from the public will be most welcome.

In addition to the bottled water a more sustainable intervention is paramount.  Drillers are on site right now drilling for water.  The borehole is located in a strategic site that will service three locations and in addition water will be pumped from the borehole into the municipal water system to ensure that individual homes receive water.  This borehole will be fitted with a filtration system to purify the water immediately for drinking purposes as the groundwater in Kroonstad is known not to be pure.

Gift of the Givers drought intervention programme has been ongoing since 11 January 2016.  From Kroonstad we move to Vryheid to drill another borehole there as this is another town also in desperate need of water.

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