Two Million Litres Water daily for Beaufort West commences Tomorrow (2017)

The Gift of the Givers Beaufort West Witperd Aquifer Development Project will formally be introduced to the country on Monday, 11 December. The taps will open at 1pm pumping two million litres of water from new aquifers into the Gamka Dam pipeline and onwards into the town's water reservoir. Our special thanks to Mayor Van Der Linde and his team that extended total co-operation to Gift of the Givers team led by Dr Gideon Groenewald (hydrologist, geologist and palaentologist), Martyn Landmann (driller) and engineer Hennie de Jager (who connected the new five production boreholes to the main water line from the Gamka Dam).

The programme commences at 12.30pm at "Witperd Boorgatveld" with an explanation of the procedure followed since Gift of the Givers intervention on 1 November. At 1pm the pressure valve will be opened pumping water from the aquifer to the pipeline. At 2pm the team assembles at the Main Water Works in the town to witness the flow of water into the main reservoir. The media, Beaufort West citizens, tourists and various government departments will be on site.

Our special thanks to the University of the Free State for free testing of all water samples and Hose Manufacturers Africa for the contribution of two complete borehole systems at no cost. Details Badr Kazi 083 228 1298.
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Fodder Delivered to Knysna Elephant Park

A donation of fodder was made by Peter Liebenberg and Gert Lategan from Loch Vaal. The feed was collected as quickly as possible by us when we heard of the plight of these elephants. Knysna still remains in a critical state, predominantly due to lack of rain in catchment areas.

The feed was delivered today by Gift of the Givers to the "Knysna Elephant Park" where the bulk will be fed to the

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Vredendal Farm Labourers

In addition to assisting the animals Gift of the Givers delivered 3000 food parcels to Vredendal to assist the farm labourers who are working short time or have lost their jobs because of the drought destroying livelihoods.
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Assistance to MylifE/Lulutho Foundation

MylifE/Lulutho Foundation is based in Mtwaku, Nqamakwe, Eastern Cape, and are in the middle of 53 rural Villages in South Africa.

On 20 May they were robbed of 3 Solar panels from a 16 panel Monochrome system, rendering the largest Solar extraction unit in the Country, useless.

They were able to pump in full sun, 100000 litres a day which has meant the Tunga Valley received their first ever
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28/09/2017 - Bottled Water for Port Shepstone Community

Port Shepstone made national news last week regarding the severe water shortages in and surrounding areas due to burst pipes and blockages at the main reservoir. Gift of the Givers was contacted and on Wednesday a truck was dispatched with 800x 5lt bottles of water, 361 pairs of school shoes and 185 detergents.

Our team was met with disbelief and subsequent joy on receipt of the water and

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26/09/2017 - Clinic in Garies

Often patients arriving at the clinic in Garies receive medication but, due to poverty, can't have a meal before. Gift of the Giver delivered 200 food parcels at the clinic to be distributed to impoverished patients.


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Jojo's for Mtwaku Villages

Gift of the Givers delivers 2 Jojo water tanks to villages in Mtwaku, Eastern Cape. The tanks get their water supply from a borehole belonging to MyLife Foundation as gutters were destroyed by hurricane winds in the region.
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8 Jojo's for 5 Villages in Eastern Cape

8 by 2500 litre Jojo water tanks delivered to Ward 18, Mtwaku Nqamawe region in the Eastern Cape. The tanks will serve 5 villages in the area, namely Tunga, Mdeni, Ntebeni, Ezivlathini and Kwachief.
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Greytown Community

Distributed a total of 3000 litres of drinking water (600x5l) to the drought stricken area of Greytown in KZN.
The distribution took place at the local  hospital, clinic and AIDS care centre.
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09/05/2017 - Hopefield Community

Gift of the Givers Western Province branch commences is Winter Warmth distribution in Hopefield, distributing 1005 TFG (The Foschini Group) blankets and 5000L water to a community afflicted by water scarcity.

Total Project Value: R172 580.00.

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1.2 Million Litres per day for Beaufort West

It took exactly 28 days mapping out the exact areas, studying the aquifers, finding unwanted algae and water with high e.coli counts but hydrologist, geologist and palaentologist, Dr Gideon Groenewald, an integral part of Gift of the Givers drought intervention projects for the past two years, prayed and persevered and was not to be deterred. We need water and urgently at that. Today, Gift of the
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A Visit to Sutherland

You turn off the N1 coming from Touws Rivier, the 110km drive from here is beautiful, serene and scenic; no sign of life, no vehicle on the road, just peace and magnificent scenery. We enter Sutherland, a large group of hopeful farmers are gathered around the two Gift of the Givers trucks that brought fodder from Free State and the third truck contracted by us bringing cotton from the Kimberley
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Delivery of Veggies to Sutherland Folks

Gift of the Givers loaded a 30 ton truck with vegetables, stationery packs, wool packs, pet food and bottled water for Sutherland.

Recipients have been sending us a great deal of messages and voice notes expressing their gratitude for our support over #DroughtSA

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Gift of the Givers New Flatbed Trailer

Gift of the Givers flatbed trailer on its maiden voyage to deliver fodder from Mooi River to Eastern Cape. The truck will then move to Northern Cape where it will be dedicated to delivery of several 100 tons of fodder.

This horse and trailer was purchased at a cost of R1.5 million and dedicated to the delivery of animal feed in the hope that the lives of hundreds of animals can still be saved. In

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Assessment of Boreholes and Jojo Tanks

Gift of the Givers sent out team member Ekream Omar to assess our existing Jojo water tanks and boreholes.
In the North West Province the Bodebie community received a borehole, Jojo water tank and a community kitchen. The Mothlatswa Primary School in Verdwaal enjoy the same whilst Ngotwane High School received a tank and well.
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Fuel For Life Saving Fodder

It can only be a miracle unfolding in Northern, Western, Eastern Cape and the Karoo, a witnessing of the indomitable human spirit in the face of insurmountable challenges, of incredible resilience, selflessness, compassion and generosity beyond compare of very ordinary human beings driven by their humanity in the face of a relentless drought, the effect of which is nothing less than catastrophic.

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Animal Crisis: Farmer Shoots Himself

In our article yesterday on the animal crisis in Northern and Eastern Cape we mentioned that the chance of more incidents of farmer suicide is very real. Tragically, the words came true in less than 24 hours; Andries le Roux, 38, a hardworking, prize winning Angora goat breeder, respected member of the community, father of three beautiful children aged 6, 8 and 10, and owner of Farm Fortuin, in

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Animals in Crisis in Northern and Eastern Cape

It has been a period of great distress for many farmers and animals in Northern and Eastern Cape for several months now. Recently, a farmer and his wife tried to "rescue" 157 "abandoned" calves whose mothers were too weak and malnourished to nurture their offspring with love, warmth and nourishment; only eight survived.  The farmer wanted to commit suicide.  Two months ago a farmer shot

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Beaufort West Water Distribution

We were joined by Radio Gamka, The Courier, Beaufort West Municipality Bulletin and the Mayor, Mr Jacob van De Linde, at a drought relief distribution in Beaufort West.
Items Distributed:
  • 4000 x 5lt Water
  • 500 x Food Buckets
  • 500 x 1kg Rice
  • 500 x Blankets
  • 500 x Portable Water Containers
  • 1030 x Stationery Packs
  • 1000 lt Water Tank
Total Project Value: R298 339.70
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Stellenbosh Declared Level 4 Zone

Gift of the Givers distributed water to the community of White Blocks, Smartie Town and Lang Straat in Cloetesville, Stellenbosh.

The Stellenbosch Municipality has declared the area on level 4 alert due to the shortage of water in the area. The following quantities were delivered:

  • 1800 x 5lt
  • 500 x 1.5lt
  • 2500 x 500ml


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Drought Relief for Klipheuwel Community

The Klipheuwel residents were grateful for a "day off" from having to cart buckets of water from the communal taps that service a community without running water in their homes. A drenching rain couldn't stop them from collecting the bottled water that Gift of the Givers delivered.
2100 x 5lt bottles delivered to the Klipheuwel community.
Total Project Value: R54 558.00.
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04/07/2017 – Water Distribution in Paarl

Community members of Paarl welcomed the Gift of the Givers team with much excitement as on the day of distribution the water supply was disconnected due to the Western Cape water restrictions.

We delivered: 2100 x 5ltr bottled water

Total Project Value: R54 572.40
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