Animals in Crisis in Northern and Eastern Cape

It has been a period of great distress for many farmers and animals in Northern and Eastern Cape for several months now. Recently, a farmer and his wife tried to "rescue" 157 "abandoned" calves whose mothers were too weak and malnourished to nurture their offspring with love, warmth and nourishment; only eight survived.  The farmer wanted to commit suicide.  Two months ago a farmer shot himself.  The chances of this recurring is very real as farmers are at their wits end unable to provide for their animals and by extension, their families, as they watch their prized animals disappearing in their presence with each passing day.  They are totally helpless and are losing hope rapidly.  The animals are in desperate need of fodder.  Drought has destroyed all vegetation. 

But there is HOPE.  Gift of the Givers, through Elizabeth Visagie, a lady committed to the well being of the farmers and their animals, has been a "Call Centre" arranging fodder for free from generous farmers in various parts of the country and delivering it to those in great need, where it has to be shared equitably.  Gift of the Givers has funded the transport of several super links for this purpose delivering hundreds of tons of fodder.  We are now considering purchasing a flat bed trailer and truck dedicated to this project (any assistance will be greatly appreciated from truck and trailer companies or from corporates as a co-branding opportunity).  Springbok, Eksteenfontein, Aberdeen and surrounding areas in these regions are in critical need.  Initially, we did several loads to Knysna following the fire of 7 June.

The fodder provided includes soya bean, akker boon, oulands grass, mealie leave, lucern and other varieties.  Boreholes, water tanks, JoJo tanks and planting of new feed are all urgent interventions.  Gift of the Givers will be funding many of these requirements.  Those wanting to participate in any aspect of this project are welcome to contribute to Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Account Number 052137228, Branch Code 057525, ref: animal care.  Please send deposit slip to  Contact person for the animal feed is Elizabeth Visagie 082 576 3800 or call toll free 0800 786 777.  Please visit our Facebook page for pictures.

Our profound apologies for the long delay in responding to your emails following the Knysna fires.  We were swamped with several thousand that has finally been cleared now.  We appreciate your patience.

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