Fuel For Life Saving Fodder

It can only be a miracle unfolding in Northern, Western, Eastern Cape and the Karoo, a witnessing of the indomitable human spirit in the face of insurmountable challenges, of incredible resilience, selflessness, compassion and generosity beyond compare of very ordinary human beings driven by their humanity in the face of a relentless drought, the effect of which is nothing less than catastrophic.

Take the example of Burre Burger, a farmer from Vredendal in Northern Cape, who a year ago contemplated suicide as he witnessed the deaths of hundreds of animals in the absence of grazing land. Hectares upon hectares have been ravaged by the lack of rain. But Burre stood up to be counted. He has already delivered 400 truck loads of fodder to various farms. From throughout South Africa farmers and non-farmers are standing up to respond to this crisis, providing transport vehicles and free fodder. But FUEL is required urgently to speed up this process. Another unsung heroine is Elizabeth Visagie, Gift of the Givers representative, who has co-ordinated the delivery of thousands of tons of emergency fodder to areas of critical need. The economic, psychological and physical impact of this tragedy is of too great a magnitude to comprehend. Three nights ago a farmer lost 400 sheep in one day. A short while ago another farmer lost 250 sheep. The losses continue unabated. The effect on livelihoods, job security and the economy is about to bite very significantly. Holding hands, standing together we can save further loss of animals and slowly reverse this natural disaster. Gift of the Givers has co-funded the delivery of 100 truck loads adding up to 3000 tons of fodder. Burre and Elizabeth have another 100+ vehicles and several thousand tons of fodder on standby. Gift of the Givers request the generous participation of fuel companies, corporates and anyone who can assist in this endeavour. We have purchased a truck and trailer at R1.5 million dedicated to the delivery of fodder for the next several weeks. FUEL for this and the 100+ trucks is the challenge.

Contributions to Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Account Number 052137228, Branch Code 057525, ref. Fuel. Send deposit slip to sooliman@giftofthegivers.org

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