Assistance to MylifE/Lulutho Foundation

MylifE/Lulutho Foundation is based in Mtwaku, Nqamakwe, Eastern Cape, and are in the middle of 53 rural Villages in South Africa.

On 20 May they were robbed of 3 Solar panels from a 16 panel Monochrome system, rendering the largest Solar extraction unit in the Country, useless.

They were able to pump in full sun, 100000 litres a day which has meant the Tunga Valley received their first ever running water in November 2016.
They have 40 000 litres storage tanks on the site, which provide outlying Villages with water, which is collected from them daily with tractors, donkeys, whatever can carry the water to the people.

They have been without a drop of water for over a month, so has Tunga Valley and 3600 people.
The children are not bathing, clothes are not been washed and every drop is being saved for drinking.
Gift of the Givers has provided them with 8 Jojo water tanks and further assessments are being done.
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