Two Million Litres Water daily for Beaufort West commences Tomorrow (2017)

The Gift of the Givers Beaufort West Witperd Aquifer Development Project will formally be introduced to the country on Monday, 11 December. The taps will open at 1pm pumping two million litres of water from new aquifers into the Gamka Dam pipeline and onwards into the town's water reservoir. Our special thanks to Mayor Van Der Linde and his team that extended total co-operation to Gift of the Givers team led by Dr Gideon Groenewald (hydrologist, geologist and palaentologist), Martyn Landmann (driller) and engineer Hennie de Jager (who connected the new five production boreholes to the main water line from the Gamka Dam).

The programme commences at 12.30pm at "Witperd Boorgatveld" with an explanation of the procedure followed since Gift of the Givers intervention on 1 November. At 1pm the pressure valve will be opened pumping water from the aquifer to the pipeline. At 2pm the team assembles at the Main Water Works in the town to witness the flow of water into the main reservoir. The media, Beaufort West citizens, tourists and various government departments will be on site.

Our special thanks to the University of the Free State for free testing of all water samples and Hose Manufacturers Africa for the contribution of two complete borehole systems at no cost. Details Badr Kazi 083 228 1298.
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