Gift of the Givers Teams Saving Bees, Aiding People in Knysna and George

The Gift of the Givers "Bee" Team led by Owen, Grant, Gareth and Layla did an incredible job extracting and relocating hives in the face of many, many stings, from very anxious bees. Hives were extracted from the Botanical Gardens and Nelson Mandela University in George on 29 October and various sites in the Knysna corridor on 30 October. In total 28 beehives were relocated to the Gift of the Givers Bee Rehabilitation Centre in Knysna rescuing just around two million bees. Owen and his team were unbelievable in NMU, the fire was rapidly approaching their feet but they "stood their ground" and rescued 10 bee colonies (that's 700 000 bees). The Bee team travelled 600km for 39 hours and have identified another 100 beehives that will require relocation due to the absence of forage in the 88000 hectares of burnt vegetation.

The "Human" Team led by Mario, Shezaad, Lizette and Kayla provided food, hygiene packs and water to 1000 affected persons in Hornlee, Brenton, Rheenendal, Buffels Bay, Karatara, Sedgefield, Ebb and Flow and Bergplaas. Stationery packs were handed over to several children. Kayla engaged the children in therapeutic drawing whilst Lizette provided trauma counselling for those who lost family members and homes. Funeral services for some of the deceased need to be sponsored.

Our teams will continue their vigilance today and will provide all necessary aid as the need arises.
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