More Municipalities Request Emergency Water Assistance in the Western Cape.

Following urgent delivery of bottled water to crisis hit Laingsburg and Beaufort West in the last two weeks, Gift of the Givers expected more municipalities to call us directly as many of the outlying Western Cape areas are water distressed for several weeks now. Gift of the Givers brought in 300 containers of bottled water by ship and road to Cape Town from January 2018 at our cost to assist the citizens of the whole of the Western Cape. This water was sponsored by South Africans directly to Gift of the Givers. We have responded to various water crisis in the Western Cape throughout 2018.

On Thursday we received another urgent request from Kannaland Municipality (see letter attached), who advised us that many more areas in the Little Karoo are in a severe crisis and a visit to the areas will confirm the seriousness of the issue as the residents want to voice their grievances.

Gift of the Givers has already packed trucks with bottled water to deliver this coming week to the areas mentioned in the letter attached. Many corporates have once again asked us to collect tons of bottled water from next week to respond to the various severely drought affected areas in the Western Cape.

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