More Water for Beaufort West and Laingsburg.

"Last emergency Bottle Water to Run out in Beaufort West

The Beaufort West Municipality will be running out of emergency bottle water within the next day.

This is a direct result of the low reservoir levels in town over the past months that caused that the municipality had to distribute the emergency water that was donated by Gift of the Givers for Day Zero and emergency cases.

The municipality now has 700 ×2L of water left in the Essop Emergency Storage room. The storage room at the Karoo Recreational Hall is completely empty after a peak festive season.

The town distributes about 2 200 × 5L per day in the affected high level areas when the reservoirs is low.

The objective of the municipality in 2018 was to build up a storage facilty of water with the help of Gift of the Givers should we reach Day Zero and to respond to emergencies like low reservoir levels.

The town had 40 boreholes and is now operating on 27 boreholes. It is 16 percent dependent on the reclamation plant.

In the absence of the rain the town engineering department predicts that it will lose more boreholes.

The demand of water in terms of usage is high.

The municipality is trying everything in its best to encourage citizens to save water through ongoing awareness on the drought situation.

We humbly and kindly appeal to Gift of the Givers to assist the municipality with emergency bottle water for the store rooms. This will enable the town to respond to emergency cases like low reservoir levels and during the time that the reclamation plant is being serviced.

We would really appreciate your help and support.

Thank you".

Marlene Hendricks
Cel. 0607084671

Communication Officer
Beaufort West Municipality

This request was received yesterday. Gift of the Givers truck is on it's way to Beaufort West today with water sponsored by Spur. Laingsburg community has also requested water through the local church. This will be delivered on Thursday.

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  1. NB. To get an insight into the current drought crisis nationally and in Southern Africa it is advisable to speak to Gift of the Givers hydrologist, geologist, palaentologist, Dr Gideon Groenewald, who has 35 years experience in this field.