Fodder Delivery in Williston

The drought in South Africa has had a devastating impact on man and animal; many South Africans are not aware of the extent of the catastrophe. Gift of the Givers has delivered R65 million of fodder in the period August 2017 - December 2018.

The new delivery commenced today with a generous contribution of R600 000 of high quality luserne from Rall Yzelle in Thabazimbi. This load is earmarked for Williston in Northern Cape. More loads will follow for Fullarton and Rietbron in the Eastern Cape this week. It is estimated that a minimum of R3 billion is required to lift farmers out of an expanding crisis; 30 000 labourers have lost their jobs and thousands of animals have already died. The fodder crisis is compounded by the substantially reduced water availability in many regions. In Northern and Western Cape 73 towns have been affected by one or both of these crises. Government intervention, corporate support and generous contributions from fellow South Africans will assist to tackle the drought effectively.

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