Gift of the Givers Strikes Pure Drinking Water in Makhanda

Dr Gideon Groenewald, Gift of the Givers hydrologist, geologist and palaentologist, has done it yet again. At his first attempt he has found pure drinking water at 145m at Makhanda producing 20 000 litres per day as a very conservative estimate.

Tomorrow the drilling rig will be positioned at other sites with a similar rock formation where it is expected that higher yields of water will be found at a lesser depth. The aim is to drill at as many sites as possible to provide a sustainable alternative to bottled water which is an emergency stop gap measure. Dr Groenewald has supervised the drilling of 200 boreholes with Martyn Landmann (drilling company) for Gift of the Givers in an 8 month period providing 50 million litres of water per day.

Animal fodder that was brought in this morning from Howick, KZN, by Gift of the Givers will be distributed to various emerging farmers through their chiefs to bring ease to starving animals. Non-potable water specifically for animal consumption will arrive later this week from Gift of the Givers "water" warehouse in Maitland, Cape Town.
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