Humanitarian Assistance For Marikana Miners

Pallo Jordan compares it to the Bhisho massacre, Archbishop Desmond Tutu compares it to an event from apartheid South Africa, negative images splash out on the front pages of the world media, the police top brass believe they took the right decision in the face of armed miners, the economists are anxious of the impact on foreign investors, human rights groups cry foul, the president sets up a commission of enquiry, 270 miners are charged with murder then released, a peace accord is signed by some, others refuse and various opinions emanate from various political commentators. In this time bomb of heated opinions, of right and wrong, of huge discrepancies in wages, the reality is that miners and their families are suffering.  
Gift of the Givers are not political commentators nor are we aligned politically  but we certainly are humanitarian in our approach.  Whilst we are strongly of the opinion that the mining company should be responding to the humanitarian needs of its own employees given the loss of earnings and the tragic loss of life, we are driven by public opinion not to wait any longer for that response from the mining company which seems very unlikely.  Already we have been inundated by groups and individuals who want to provide finance and goods in kind to assist these miners and families who are terribly distraught in the absence of income and food.

Accordingly, we are putting together a package of food supplies, high energy supplements and blankets to be delivered to as many families as we can support.  It is our fervent hope that on receiving these supplies some of the hurt and anger will subside to allow a more conducive environment for a just and fair negotiation that will culminate in an equitable distribution of income in keeping with the high risk duties performed by these individuals who are human after all.

Those wanting to support this campaign can deposit into Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Acc No. 052137228, Branch Code 057525. Fax or email deposit slip with your details to be acknowledged.  Donations to Gift of the Givers are tax deductible.  Items in kind are also welcomed.

Details toll-free 0800786911.