Gift of the Givers Starts Receiving Ghouta Refugees

They've started coming to Darkoush in search of a better life. Anything will be better than Ghouta, a living hell on earth for five years. The management of the Gift of the Givers Ar Rahma Hospital welcomed them with a beautiful banner on the mountain in front of the hospital. It read: "O Honourable people of Ghouta! You are in our hearts. We are your family. Darkoush welcomes you. Enter into it with peace and safety".

The first refugees were the Al Khateeb family. Others have followed. Daily hot meals are being prepared for a people that suffered starvation, malnutrition and an absence of sufficient food for years. We fed 300 yesterday with numbers increasing exponentially. At 1 USD per meal it is one of the greatest blessings to serve people who have suffered so much and lost so many family members. Patients have started arriving at our hospital too.

We have prepared 1000 food parcels, 300 hygiene packs, which together with blankets and mattresses have been distributed to those who have arrived. Houses have been rented, land is being purchased and tents are expected soon. Additional medical supplies have been procured and expansion at our Al Hilal Hospital has been authorised. Hospital equipment in both our hospitals will be upgraded. Baby milk powder, diapers and sanitary pads are items included for distribution. Support in various forms will be provided but right now there is no substitute for a good face, kind words, a warm heart, gentle care, generosity, compassion and a safe environment for a people that have been severely traumatised for years. The Turkish Red Crescent have sent us two containers of food, much more has been promised from them and other agencies as Gift of the Givers continues with expansion of our various projects inside Syria.

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