Gift of the Givers Humanitarian Aid Enters INTO Syria

It has been an extremely difficult two months attempting to get life-saving aid INTO Syria to assist humans in unbelievable distress; mothers watch in anguish as their children collapse from weakness and hunger, from diarrhoea and from a range of medical ailments due to the destruction of medical facilities and the non-availability  of medical care.  The rapid drop in temperatures with the onset of winter, the huge risk of hypothermia to barefooted people in the absence of heating, shelter, warm clothing, blankets and mattresses and the non-availability of baby milk powder makes a depressing situation all the more miserable.

By the Grace of the Almighty Gift of the Givers has managed to gain access into Syria to address all these areas of need; a building identified by us in Darkoush, in the Idlib region, in October, is being refurbished to open as a 60 bed emergency hospital within the next week.  The initial medical equipment has already arrived and will be set up soon.  Emergency food items, baby milk powder, blankets, mattresses and diapers will be delivered tonight.  Meat has also been provided. Shoes and clothing will follow soon.  In the next 48 hours similar items will be be delivered to Azazz and Aleppo.  

The Syrian people have been forgotten by the world.  Women and children are paying the price in huge numbers.  Four million people have been internally displaced and 41000 have died already.  The medical needs are huge.  A world-wide concerted effort is long overdue to make a meaningful intervention to reduce misery and save lives.  Gift of the Givers has been invited by a major news agency in Turkey, that disseminates information to several agencies worldwide in five languages, to be a selected international partner in its campaign "bread for Syria" to be launched on Monday, 17 December 2012, in Istanbul.  

The ubuntu loving South African and African community is welcome to contribute to Gift of the Givers emergency campaign to save lives in a situation that can only be described as horrendous and absolute madness.  Contributions into Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Acc no. 052278611, Branch Code 057525.  Please fax or email deposit slip.  Details0800 786 911.  All items will be purchased in Turkey.

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