An Update On Our Hospital in Darkoush

Below is the communication received from Dr Ahmad Ghandour, the professional selected by us to manage the Gift of the Givers Hospital in Syria. He is a cardiac surgeon but has to practice all fields of medicine given the shortage of personnel and the dire situation in Syria.

In recent days the bombing has been very intense in and around the region of the hospital with numerous casualties and at least 12 fatalities. We had "lost" communication during the last 5 days which was very worrying. Dr Ahmed's response is self-explanatory; please excuse his English as he really tries his utmost to communicate in the best possible way.

The needs are staggering, not only in terms of medical supplies, but food also. If you have it in your soul to share whatever you can then with a generous heart, a good wish, a sincere prayer and a positive thought please deposit into Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Account No. 052278611, Branch Code 057525. You will not receive any monetary benefit in return but the deep-seated prayer of a dying mother, a hungry child, a broken society and a forgotten nation will more than recompense whatever you part with.  May the Almighty bless you for your kindness.

Imtiaz Sooliman

Salaam my dear brothers Dr. Imtiaz

I hope you fine , I'm sorry because the net was not viable .
Dear brother the 3days passed there a lot of casualties received in hospital ,daily more than 10 patients daily and the last 3 days more than 30 casualties daily and more than 10 operations we do it me and dr. Nader (new orthopedic doctor), We loss 12 patients who died by shelling in Qunaya (christian town) and in the fallen town around Idleb city one of them comander Younes I think you remember him and his assistant (who is a father of one nurse Abed el Salam who work in our hospital)

And tonight we received 10 patients the half of them from childs, women. The last days I had all my time in op room with dr.Nader. Since the beginning of this month till now we do 105 operations ,and received more than 200 patient who hospitalization and stay in hospital and more 1000 patients in emergency room .all team are fine and they sent salams for all you for asking about them.

Dear we have difficulties
1-medicines is insufficient (drugs anathesia ,analgesics,serums,antibiotics,gauzes ,sutures,casts...............
2-we need orthopedic external fixators,plates ,nails .....,and orthopedic table op
3-materials for laboratories

Sent my greetings to you all.

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