Air Strike Hits Darkoush

We received the tragic news last night that the west region of Darkoush was hit by a rocket from a fighter jet in Syria.  It was a direct hit on a residential home killing a woman and child with six other casualties, one critical, all being treated at the Gift of the Givers Hospital in the city centre.

Assad's pattern of deliberately targeting civilian and non-military sites is a permanent feature of the Syrian war.  His forces tried on several occasions to bomb our hospital since building work commenced in January 2013.  In June 2013 a mortar shell fell 150m away from the hospital and one window pane was damaged by shrapnel.  There were no casualties.

We have commenced building of the second floor of the hospital on 27 July 2013 and this week have commenced renovation of a damaged school to ensure that a minimum of 300 children start an academic educational programme after 28 months of "lost" learning.  

The Gift of the Givers South African Hospital has grown in popularity with an increasing number of casualties and non-trauma patients coming from an ever increasing number of towns and cities throughout Syria.  We have increased the number of local specialists serving the hospital and intend expanding facilities once the second floor is ready.

We have initiated a project - South African school children support Syrian school children where local children in mainstream and religious schools are encouraged in fund-raising campaigns to help renovate schools in "relatively" safe areas, provide stationery, libraries, laboratories, learning aids and meals, as there is a critical shortage of food, in Syria.

We once again thank all South Africans for their continuous support for the Syria project where thousands of lives have been saved.  Details on website.

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