Syria Humanitarian Relief

A special thanks to the initiators of the One-Man-One-Can campaign for Syria and to all those who have contributed in whatever way to make our overall Syrian humanitarian response such a massive success.

For the purposes of clarification we are assisting Syrians INSIDE Syria and Syrian refugees in Yemen.  Items collected through the One-Man-One-Can campaign are being sent to Syrian refugees in YEMEN.  The Yemeni Government made an international call for assistance as 25000 Syrian refugees arrived within the last few weeks.  We were the first to respond and sent 21 containers of aid to Yemen for this purpose in July.  The containers have been arriving in batches.  The Yemeni Government was so pleased that they gave us a land valued at 58000 USD to build our own warehouse as we have an office in Yemen.  Construction of the warehouse will be complete in 6 weeks.  The Yemeni Government is also working very closely with us in trying to secure the release of the South African couple, Pierre and Yolande Korkie, taken hostage in May this year. 

We are drilling four water wells 80m deep in strategic locations in Yemen to provide water and initiate joint agricultural projects between Syrians and Yemeni's.  Syrians are highly skilled farmers and can transfer skills to Yemeni's for the purpose of agricultural self-sustainability in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Inside Syria there is huge progress with the extension of the South African hospital in Darkoush.  The second floor should be ready within the next few weeks.  Increasing numbers of casualties and patients needing general medical care have been frequenting the hospital from an ever increasing number of towns and villages.  More Syrian specialists have been employed to deal with the demand.  Medical supplies are purchased on an ongoing basis in Turkey and sent to the hospital in Syria to cope with the life-saving medical requirements in many instances.

There is excellent progress with the school we are renovating with the hope that at least 400 children will commence the learning process after a 30 month absence.  The distribution of 140 tons of food supplies is currently underway inside Syria.  Food distribution inside Syria is a continuous activity.  

For the purposes of all these projects cash contributions may continue into Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Account No. 052278611, Branch Code 057525.  Please email or fax confirmation of deposit slip with details.  Items in kind that can be collected up to 30 September 2013 include canned food, rice, flour, oil, sugar, beans, spaghetti, soup and tea.  As winter is rapidly approaching new blankets, new clothing including baby clothes, and shoes will be most welcome.  Any form of medical supplies will also be accepted.  All other items at your discretion but please check with us first.

Once again on behalf of the suffering Syrian people we say a big "thank you" for assisting to alleviate their hardship and difficulties.  May you be blessed.
Details toll-free on 0800786911.  Please note that NO old clothes, expired items or water will be accepted.

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