Syria and Yemen Relief

We are faced by massive challenges on two fronts affecting almost 40 million people collectively in Syria and Yemen.  The tragedy of refugees pouring into Europe is but a manifestation of a greater catastrophe within Syria.  Gift of the Givers is focusing its support INSIDE area by providing life saving medical care through two hospitals that we have established.  Food, clothing, blankets and baby milk powder are also distributed on a regular basis.  All these items including the medical supplies are purchased in Turkey.  We thank you for your continuous cash contributions towards this purpose.  We average 12000 patients per month.

In Yemen a massive tragedy has been unfolding since March 2015.  In excess of 13 million people are malnourished.  Food, water, fuel and medical care has been severely compromised.  Gift of the Givers teams have been distributing aid under very challenging and dangerous circumstances due to the widespread bombardment and fighting in nine regions.  Our delivery vehicle has been converted into a water truck as provision of water has become paramount.  Our supplies have been dwindling rapidly in our warehouses in Aden and Hodaidah and replenishment has been impossible as all ports of entry into the country were sealed off.  By the Grace of the Almighty the Port of Aden has just opened.  Gift of the Givers is putting together an initial humanitarian aid package of 300 tons of supplies to be dispatched within the next 10 days.  These include a range of food items, medical supplies, new clothing, new shoes, blankets, hygiene packs and biscuits.

A substantial number of Syrian refugees in Yemen are also recipients of our aid.  That assistance will continue to them with this new shipment.  Other recipients include Somalis, Ethiopians and Iraqis.  As per public request, items in kind are acceptable; food must be non-perishable, blankets and clothing must be new, sanitary pads and diapers must be of decent quality.  No bottled water will be accepted as damages are substantial in transport.  Water will be purchased in Yemen and distributed by our teams to those parts of Yemen that are accessible.  Winter in both countries is two months away.  The cold aggravates an already dire situation.  Cash contributions to Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Account No. 052278611, Branch Code 057525.  Please fax or email deposit slip with full contact details for acknowledgement purposes.  Items in kind can be delivered to our offices in Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Johannesburg, Bramley, Lenasia and Cape Town.  Please note that with cash contributions we have the buying power to purchase more items at a lower price.  Details toll free on 0800786911.

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