Suffering in Syria Escalates

There is no safe place in Syria as village after village burns, civilians flee in their thousands, casualties multiply and the death toll increases exponentially.  Destroyed neighborhoods, charred bodies, decimated families, orphans and widows everywhere.  Tears have run dry, suffering knows no end; emotional, psychological and physical trauma having impacted on millions as an entire country is virtually displaced.  Both Gift of the Givers hospitals in Syria are packed to capacity as the patients continue to pour in.

We cannot stop the insanity and we cannot help the deceased but we can save the lives of predominantly women, children and the elderly.  You have been extremely generous and it's not fair to impose on your kind heartedness as we inform you of the catastrophic circumstances inside Syria.  But in order to save lives, heal the wounded and bring hope to a battered people we need to employ more medical personnel, send in substantially more medical supplies and provide food and water to a starving and thirsty population driven to the point of insanity after four years of inexplicable human suffering.  As always your contributions will be received with gratitude and a prayer for your well being and prosperity.  Contributions can be made into Gift of the Givers Zakaah Account, Account Number 252040562 or Gift of the Givers Lillah Account, Account Number 252040554, both in Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Branch code 057525.  Please send deposit slip by fax or email with full contact details for acknowledgement purposes.

The pictures below are from Jabal Alakrad where 50 civilians, mostly women and children were killed yesterday.  A few days ago another 45 civilians from the same family were killed in Hums.

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