Gift of the Givers Al Hilal Hospital Attacked in Syria

For the first time since its inception in September 2015, Gift of the Givers Al Hilal Hospital came under attack one hour ago in Syria.  It was a drone attack that struck 100m away from the hospital.  Fortunately, there was no damage and no injuries.  Gift of the Givers Ar Rahma Hospital has been targeted many times since its opening in January 2013 with bombs falling behind, on the side and above the hospital.  In May 2015, the windows and doors were blown away.  We repaired the damage and further upgraded the hospital.

With the continuous targeting of hospitals, medical facilities and civilians by both Assad's and Russia's planes the number of casualties attending Ar Rahma and Al Hilal Hospital has increased exponentially.  With the relentless attack on medical facilities even in recent days and the further destruction of almost all medical facilities in North Syria, Gift of the Givers two hospitals have virtually become the primary facilities for life saving and healing in the region.  This necessitated further expansion and Ar Rahma opened a new wing on Friday, 29 July 2016 (details to follow).  We are under no illusion that further attacks are going to follow on both our hospitals.  The medical teams serve with absolute dedication and commitment knowing full well that they are at extremely high risk.  Many of the medical personnel have come from other medical facilities that were totally bombed and now are serving at our hospitals.

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