Baby Food Distribution

Between July and August 2014, Gift of the Givers distributed baby food to infants and toddlers. Each child received 4 boxes with a total of 24 000 boxes distributed within camps in the Idleb and Aleppo suburbs.
Total Project Value: R346 500.00
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Massive Car Bomb Explodes; Gift of the Givers Hospital Inundated

Massive Car Bomb Explodes; Gift of the Givers Hospital Inundated

News just in from Syria from our representatives state that a massive car bomb was detonated in Darkoush City around 9am today in the market place.  It was a busy time in the morning as family people were going about their daily activity in preparation for the Muslim festival of "Eid-ul Adha" tomorrow.  Apparently, one car exploded and ignited four cars nearby.   Initial reports

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Air Strike Hits Darkoush

Air Strike Hits Darkoush

We received the tragic news last night that the west region of Darkoush was hit by a rocket from a fighter jet in Syria.  It was a direct hit on a residential home killing a woman and child with six other casualties, one critical, all being treated at the Gift of the Givers Hospital in the city centre.

Assad's pattern of deliberately targeting civilian and non-military sites is a permanent

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An Update On Our Hospital in Darkoush

Below is the communication received from Dr Ahmad Ghandour, the professional selected by us to manage the Gift of the Givers Hospital in Syria. He is a cardiac surgeon but has to practice all fields of medicine given the shortage of personnel and the dire situation in Syria.

In recent days the bombing has been very intense in and around the region of the hospital with numerous casualties and at
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Syria Day - 26 April 2013

In Honour of those innocents who have been killed violently or otherwise, who have directly been targeted by snipers, who have suffered the effects of cluster bombs, chemical weapons, artillery and rockets aimed wholly at civilian populations; in honour of the maimed, imprisoned and tortured; in honour of the hungry, cold, displaced and homeless, and in honour of a nation which the world chose to
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SA Hospital Fully Functional Inside Syria

Friday - 15 March 2013

It's lunch time as we enter Darkoush City.  Today is the second anniversary of the Syrian uprising to date.  The mood is upbeat as is the beautiful spring weather; a huge contrast to the melancholia and  winter of discontent in December 2012, just three months ago.  The streets are a bee-hive of activity, more shops open, a greater sense of serenity and calmness, a greater  Read more  

Gift of the Givers Humanitarian Aid Enters INTO Syria

It has been an extremely difficult two months attempting to get life-saving aid INTO Syria to assist humans in unbelievable distress; mothers watch in anguish as their children collapse from weakness and hunger, from diarrhoea and from a range of medical ailments due to the destruction of medical facilities and the non-availability  of medical care.  The rapid drop in temperatures with the onset
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The Suffering Continues

It's a beautiful Saturday morning, 13 October 2012; we cross the river in a "drum" to get to Syria from Turkey.  Here there are no checkpoints, no passports.  It almost feels illegal.

Enthusiastic young men meet us as we pass unlimited hectres of beautiful pomegranate plantations all gone to waste; this is war, there is zero economy, the labour of ordinary farmers and their lives wasted.  We are
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Syria Humanitarian Relief

A special thanks to the initiators of the One-Man-One-Can campaign for Syria and to all those who have contributed in whatever way to make our overall Syrian humanitarian response such a massive success.

For the purposes of clarification we are assisting Syrians INSIDE Syria and Syrian refugees in Yemen.  Items collected through the One-Man-One-Can campaign are being sent to Syrian refugees

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Documentary on Syria

eNCA presents a documentary on Syria through a South African perspective. Yusuf Omar was one of 16 journalists and 52 medical volunteers who accompanied Gift of the Givers on a medical humanitarian mission to this war ravaged country. The documentary screens at 8.30pm tonight on eNCA, channel 403, and is repeated throughout the week. Please see details below.

Gift of the Givers is still actively
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Shrapnel Strikes Gift of the Givers Hospital

They've tried several times previously to bomb the building during the period of renovation and conversion into an emergency hospital which commenced in December 2012.  The "relative" safety of being located between two mountains and Almighty's Grace, ensured that the munitions always struck the mountain or fell to the left or to the right into the river.
Whilst our team was in Darkoush mortars
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Medical Mission in Syria

The mood of the medical team is upbeat, slowly having coming to terms with the continuous sound of shells and the staccato of gunfire around the city in these last few days.  This is Day three; the anticipation and the excitement to serve and save enhanced by the vehicle congestion in the streets and the throngs of people in the hospital foyer.  They came in their numbers from all over North
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Syria: Welcome to Hell

Darkoush, Idlib Region.

It's 8pm.  We inspect the building being refurbished into an emergency hospital.  Syrian teenagers can't wait for Dr Ahmed to arrive and brief us.  He is operating in a one-room facility closer to the ever changing frontline.  They give us a tour of the hospital excitedly, proudly shouting out all the medical names.  There is huge anticipation here, our intervention is the
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GOTG Meets with Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe

GOTG Meets with Deputy President Kgalema MotlantheGift of the Givers discusses the Syrian Humanitarian Crisis with Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe at OR Tambo House at the Union Buildings, Friday, 26 October 2012. South African Government intervention is required diplomatically to request the Turkish Government to open its borders to allow the passage of humanitarian supplies including food, water, blankets, ambulances, medicines, medical
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Syria Humanitarian Crisis

They return the money you put in their hands, they kiss you, hug you and yet they've never met you, they offer you olives but have nothing to eat, they give you the widest smile, totally disarming, yet they face the greatest difficulty and intolerable hardship.  These are the CHILDREN of Azaz,"Free" Syria, victims of a brutal war that has left them hungry, thirsty, homeless, orphaned, diseased and
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