Yemen Humanitarian Aid Continues

We continue with our support for the people of Yemen.  On 25 September 2015 we dispatched twelve containers of aid to them.  You were notified of this.  The days of festivity of Eid ul Adha have passed and we now continue with our endeavours with your generous support.  On Thursday, 1 October, we loaded three containers in Pietermaritzburg.

Tomorrow, 3 October, three will be loaded in Bramley.  The supplies for the containers in Bramley have been sponsored by the Jamiatul Ulama.  The public is most welcome to assist in the loading at 22 Orchard Road, Bramley View, which commences at 11 am.  On Monday, 5 October, another four containers will be loaded in Pietermaritzburg.You can continue bringing supplies to all our offices and warehouses.  These will go in subsequent shipments.  Today we open new offices in the Image Lifestyle Centre in Fordsburg. This is a well known facility where many events and functions are held.  Our signage will be up soon.  We will be fairly "deurmekaar" as we start moving in today but you are most welcome to bring your supplies here.  There is excellent security and unlimited parking.

All cash contributions into Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Account no. 052278611, Branch Code 057525.  Please fax or email deposit slip with full contact details for acknowledgement purposes.  Details: call toll free on 0800786911, Salim 0836512006, Gawa 0836613035, Allauddin 0836677179.

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