Yolande Korkie's Video Appeal

As per our earlier broadcast please find the link to the video where Yolande Korkie makes a final appeal to Al Qaeeda to release Pierre Korkie. Acknowledgement to Christal-Lize Thomas at Volksblad in Bloemfontein who arranged for the filming and unconditional distribution to all media houses in the interest of saving Pierre's life.  

Through the efforts of Belinda Moses, an ex-SA journalist in Dubai we've managed to get coverage in multiple middle eastern media clarifying the misunderstanding that took place with respect to the ransom issue that eventually led to the breakdown of talks. We've had no response from Al Qaeeda as yet. It is now 11 days that talks have broken down and we are 48 hours to deadline.


Yolande's appeal is the final attempt at a stay of execution and an unconditional release of Pierre Korkie. We ask of you to please circulate it widely.

In a further development an inter-faith prayer will be held tomorrow from 18h00 at Christ Church Mayfair, 1 Park Avenue, Mayfair, where a special invocation will be made for divine intervention. All welcome. Details:

1.Reverend Eve Abrahams Cel. 0732769057
2.Reverend Joseph Thomas Cel. 0836931366