No New Updates on Korkie Case

We know you are as anxious as all of us on Pierre Korkie's condition and his whereabouts.  It's 5 days post deadline and 17 days since we lost all communication with Al Qaeeda.  Unfortunately, we have nothing new to report.  We've gone door-door to several media outlets internationally and submitted both Anas's interview that we had prepared in Arabic and Yolande's final appeal video which we started circulating on 6 February 2014.  To date we've had no response from anywhere in the world, however, that does not deter us, nor do we give up hope.  Late last night we were still circulating video footage internationally and will continue until all avenues are exhausted.

Our thoughts are with the Korkie family who have full faith in the Almighty and are still very optimistic of Pierre's safe return.  They need our support and we need your prayers for a positive end to this difficult situation.  From a human, practical point of view we have now run out of ideas so all we do is wait patiently for a call that will reconnect us to Al Qaeeda to commence communication and negotiations once again.  The reality of the matter is that without divine intervention we are paralysed for now.

We are, however, mindful of the military conflict in various parts of Yemen and that could be one of the major determining factors why we have lost all communication as Al Qaeeda forces operate militarily, in most cases, in areas of no cellular coverage.