07/04/2016 - 300 Families Near the Fight Zone

300 families find themselves deserted less than 40km from the fighting zones in Taiz Province, Yemen. With minimal food and poor shelter and the harrowing sound of gun fire and grenades in the near distance, this community struggles to survive.

The Gift of the Givers team set out to provide food and rescue the families but midway through the distribution the team had to immediately evacuate to avoid an attack. At the moment it is impossible to access the area. The following aid was distributed:

  • 300 x 50kg Flour
  •  250 x 20kg Rice
  • 600 x 2lt Cooking Oil
  • 300 Hygiene Bags
  • 150 Cartons of Biscuits
  • 50 Cartons of Clothing and Shoes

Total Project Value: R378 279.66

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  • GOTG_in_Waziah_-_Taiz_-_Yemen_-_Dr_Yasin_and_Dr_Ahmed_from_GOTG_team
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