Distribution in Aljar Village

People who live on the coasts of the provinces of Hodeidah and Hajjah are the poorest in Yemen and middle east according to international reports.

Gift of the Givers supported 300 families Aljar village with the following aid:

- 300 Blankets
- 100 Cartons of Cooking Oil
- 100 x 20kg Sugar
- 300 x 25kg White Rice
- 150 Cartons of Clothing
- 300 Bags of Flour
- 70 Boxes of Shoes
- 50 Cartons of Shampoo

Total Project Value: R217 671.92

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Food Aid over Yemens Winter - Alwadi Village

Food Aid over Yemens Winter - Alwadi Village

The GOTG team in Yemen distributed Foods, Clothing and Hygiene Packs to 180 families in Alwadi village, Hodaidah Province. People there face a hunger crisis between November and February each year as they are unable to fish due to Winter.

Items distributed:

  • 180 x 50kg Bags of Rice
  • 540 Bottles of Cooking Oil  
  • 60 Cartons of Clothing and Shoes
  • 180 Cartons of Baked Beans
  • 180 Blankets 
  • 180 Hygiene
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Yemen Drought: A Looming Catastrophe

It was exactly a year ago that we responded to the famine in Somalia.  One year on whilst still serving the Somali people we are now faced with an almost identical challenge in Yemen.

Political upheaval, clan conflict, random bombings, and now poor rainfall and a failed harvest resulting in escalating food prices and increasing levels of poverty has placed 10 million Yemenis on the brink of
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SA Hostages in Yemen

Our office in Yemen decided to intervene and assist in locating the South African hostages following the extensive coverage in the Yemen media two weeks ago.  Anas al-Hamati, Gift of the Givers Yemen project manager, contacted the Yemeni president's office and the foreign ministry and has been granted full co-operation by these and all government institutions given our extensive humanitarian
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Yemen: An Incredible Journey

It' 3 August 2012, sunset, the time for "iftar" (breaking of the fast).  Villagers throng our car, obstructing it, raising voices at each other, insisting that the occupants of the vehicle must be their guests to partake in the "breaking" of the fast.  Men and women engage in a verbal dual as to who gets priority in the tradition of hospitality and generosity consistent with the honour afforded to
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Yemen Free Clothing

Yemen Free Clothing

Anas al Hamati, Gift of the Givers Project Manager in Yemen organises an "exhibition" of clothing at the Al Hodidah Centre in Yemen to be handed out FREE to orphans and indescribably poor people who don't even own a toothbrush.  This centre is supported by Gift of the Givers. Recipients "select" clothes in advance of the Islamic festival of Eid taking place this week.  This novel idea

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Food Parcels to Hajjah Province, Yemen

Food Parcels to Hajjah Province, Yemen

Gift of the Givers Yemen branch distributes Food Parcels to 305 families in Bani Kadeesh and Bani Hassan - Hajjah province, on the border between Yemen and Saudia Arabia.

  • 305 Bags of White Flour
  • 605 Bags of White Sugar
  • 610 Tins of Baked Beans
  • 915 Bottles of Cooking Oil
  • 305 Bottles of Handy Andy

Total Project Value: R136 053.00

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Yemen Humanitarian Mission Feedback

Thank you for your support in sending emergency food aid to Yemen a few weeks ago.  The first 16 containers carrying 320 tons of supplies arrive in the Port of Hodeidah this week.  Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the world where 15 million people go to bed hungry every night.

We have had wonderful co-operation from the Office of the Prime Minister in Yemen, the International Relations
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Yemen Humanitarian Mission

Arrangements are on track to respond to a looming catastrophe as hunger and starvation affect 15 million people in Yemen, the second-worst country in the world for rates of chronic malnutrition for children under five, with 58 percent suffering from the condition. Further, 13 percent of children in Yemen suffer from acute malnutrition (almost 300 000 or 3 out of every 5) following the recent poor
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Disaster Response


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