An Outing With Lucas Radebe

An overwhelming response from the people of Lehurutshe as Lucas Radebe returned to the North West Province, the place his soccer career began. The Gift of the Givers and Lucas Radebe Foundation donated R696 000.00 worth of aid to the community as part of the Winter Warmth project.

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Lucas Radebe Partners Gift of the Givers Winter Warmth

Gift of the Givers has been very active with its Winter Warmth campaign throughout South Africa.  Huge distributions took place in many areas in Grahamstown over a period of ten days during the Grahamstown Arts Festival.  This was only one of several distributions throughout South Africa.  Bodibe, in the North West, was the site for our Mandela Day distribution where a borehole was

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11/07/2015 - Mfuleni Community

Gift of the Givers distributes 300 Blankets to the Mfuleni community at the Mfuleni Jamaat Khanain, Western Cape. The SACS Madressa students and parents accompanied the GOTG team.

Total Project Value: R37 500.00


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Gift of the Givers Launches Winter Warmth 2015

It's that time of the year when we traditionally launch our Winter Warmth Campaign.  In recent years the launch takes place outside the offices of The Star newspaper with The Star's Operation Snowball as one of our partners.  Last night was no different.  Blankets, clothing, hygiene items, diapers and food packs were handed out and a hot meal served to a 1000 people.  In

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22/06/2015 - Yellowood Primary School

Gift of the Givers distributes winter aid to the underprivileged learners and their families at the Yellowood Primary School in Mitchells Plain, Western Cape.

  • 200 Blankets
  • 400 x 250gr Margarine
  • 200 x 45gr Glucose Biscuits
  • 200 x 800ml Omo Liquid

Total Project Value: R60 742.50

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17/06/2015 - Macassar Community

Gift of the Givers distributes winter aid to the Macassar community in the Western Cape.

  • 215 Blankets
  • 200 x 525gr Margarine
  • 200 x 500gr Cremora
  • 200 x 100gr Robs Spices
  • 200 x 800ml Omo Liquid
  • 220 Pairs of Takkies

Total Project Value: R86 740.00



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11/06/2015 - Belhar Community

Gift of the Givers distributes winter aid to the community of Belhar at the All Saints Anglican Church in the Western Cape.

  • 120 Blankets
  • 120x525gr Margarine
  • 120x500gr Cremora
  • 120x800ml Omo Liquid
  • 150 Pair Takkies

Total Project Value: R45 370.50



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02/06/2015 - Phoenix Community

Gift of the Givers and Phoenix Poverty Reduction Association distribute 1200 Soup Packs, Blankets and Personal Hygiene Packs to learners from the community's schools. Phoenix Poverty Reduction Association continues to assist Phoenix communities by providing meals and training to unemployed parents.

  • 1200 Soup Packs
  • 1200 Blankets
  • 1200 Personal Packs

Total Project Value: R1 152 000.00


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01/06/2015 - Ravensmead Community

Gift of the Givers distributes Winter Warmth packages to the community of Ravensmead at the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi in the Western Cape.

  • 200 Blankets
  • 300 x 525gr Margarine
  • 300 x 750ml Handy Andy
  • 300 x 800ml Omo Liquid
  • 300 Pair Takkies

Total Project Value: R104 988.75


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15/07/2015 - Scilo Informal Settlement

As we continue spreading winter warmth we visited the Scilo informal settlement near Mayorton. For the people of this community our visit came as a surprise.

  • 500 Blankets
  • 500 Sweet Packs
  • 500 Personal Hygiene Packs
  • 500 Omo Washing Liquid
  • Meal for 1000

Total Project Value: R155 000.00


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24/06/2015 - Hostel in Denver

The unemployed, the elderly and the children all join the queue to at a hostel in Denver to receive a hot meal and a blanket.

  • 500 Blankets
  • 500 Personal Hygiene Packs
  • 100 Huggies Disposable Nappies
  • Meals for 500 People

Total Project Value: R115 000.00


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20/06/2015 - Ladybrand

The Gift of the Givers team together with Free State Bikers and Shoprite made their way to Ladybrand, a town which lies on the Maloti Drakensberg Route.

A total distribution of 500 Blankets, 150 Food Parcels, 150 x 10kg bags of Maize Meal, 150 Personal Hygiene Packs, 150 Kiddies Packs, 15 Bales of Disposable Nappies and 2 Wheelchairs was made to the community including Manyatseng Old Age Home.

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11/06/2015 - Dumping Area

Ukhozi fm DJ, Sbu Buthelezi, called for assistance in the "Dumping Area", a small community in Vryheid. Gift of the Givers together with the Isolokhosi team from Ukozi fm, distributed winter aid to 110 families. The team works closely with poverty stricken communities.

  • 110 Food Parcels
  • 150 Blankets
  • 110 Personal Hygiene Packs
  • 110 x 10kg Mealie Meal
  • 110 10kg Rice
  • 110 Detergents
  • 110 Woolen Set

Total Project

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03/06/2015 - Sizanani Primary School

The Star , SAfm, Vodacom, Cell C and Pep Stores joined Gift of the Givers at the Unity Church in Nelspruit to distribute Winter Warmth aid to the learners of Sizanani Primary School.

GOTG provided a hot meal to fill an empty tummy, blanket to keep the body warm and are laying a concrete slab for the learners to have an assembly point, and that's to keep the hearts warm.

  • 700 Blankets
  • 700 Hot Meals
  • 700
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02/06/2015 - Belville South Community

The community of Belville South at the St John Anglican Church in the Western Cape receives Winter Warmth aid:

  • 150 Blankets
  • 300 x 525gr Margarine
  • 300 x 750ml Handy Andy
  • 300 x 800ml Omo Liquid
  • 336 Pair Takkies

Total Project Value: R99 738.75


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16/05/2015 - Meraaj Feeding

Gift of the Givers feeds the underprivileged community at Masjiedu Amina in Tafelsig, Western Cape.

  • Hot Meal for 650
  • 430 Loaves of Bread
  • 500 x 500gr Margarine
  • 200 x 10 Packs of Polony
  • 400 Lollipops
  • 320 Blankets

Total Project Value: R87 750.00


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13/05/2015 - Riverside Community

Gift of the Givers together with Tricircle distribute winter parcels to the Riverside community in Ixopo.

  • 500 Personal Hygiene Packs
  • 500 Soup Packs
  • 500 Blankets
  • 1000 x 500g Flora Margarine

Total Project Value: R450 000.00


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