Fire in Vygekraal 14 December 2016

Gift of the Givers responded to the fire in Vygekraal, Athlone with relief aid for the people afflicted.

The fire occurred in the early hours of Monday morning and burnt 60 houses. Gift of the Givers attended to the people on Wednesday after they had received initial support in the form of food and blankets from Disaster Management.

Gift of the Givers provided 79 mattresses to the victims of the fire. Having already received assistance previously, the people graciously opted not to accept food items and other goods. Their consideration and dignity is a good example to other communities.

Gift of the Givers would like to mention the SAPS Athlone for providing assistance with the distribution of mattresses.

Total Project Value: R48 150.50

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16/11/2016 - Fires in Cape Town

Gift of the Givers responds to various victims who lost their belongings and homes in an outbreak of fire in their community.

Chapel Court, Lavender Hill

  • 20 TFG Blankets
  • 4 Food Parcels
  • 4 Hygiene Packs
  • 4 Detergent Packs
R5 700.80
 Sweet Farm, Phillipi  
  • 11 Food Parcels
  • 11 Detergent Packs
  • 11 Hygiene Packs
  • 44 TFG Blankets
  • 2 Bags New Clothing Assorted


R16 525.55 
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Fire in Nyanga 02 November 2016

Gift of the Givers responded to a shack fire in Nyanga, Cape Town. The fire erupted and consumed 25 houses affecting 96 individuals. Gift of the Givers provided a food parcel to each household, hygiene and detergent products as well as TFG blankets and assorted clothing.

  • 25 Food Parcels
  • 100 TFG Blankets
  • 8 Bags Assorted New Clothing
  • 30 x 200ml Tresemme Shampoo
  • 30 x 225ml Tresemme Hair Spray
  • 30 x
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Fire in Kosovo 10 October 2016

Gift of the Givers donates aid to the Kosovo Fire victims where 232 shacks were burnt.

  • 141 x 300g Pasta
  • 141 x 75ml Oral B
  • 141 x 20g x 5 Joko
  • 141 x 250g Flora
  • 141 Omo Washing Powder
  • 141 x 2kg Rice
  • 232 Blankets (TFG)

Total Project Value: R71 537.55

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Shack Fires in Tshwane July 2016

Tragedy struck Plastic View Informal Settlement when an "apparent explosion" in one of the shacks and the subsequent fire destroyed three hundred homes.  Sadly, five people lost their lives.
Gift of the Givers received many calls for assistance. We responded immediately with blankets, clothes, bottled water, tents, plastic sheeting and hot meals on site.

On arrival we were greeted by total

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Fire in Phumlani 12 May 2016

Gift of the Givers gears up for the fire season as we approach winter. The team responded to the Phumlani community in Lotus River, Western Cape, where 16 informal dwellings were destroyed by fire. The 16 families received:

  • Food Parcels
  • Hygiene Packs
  • Detergent Packs
  • Crockery Sets
  • TFG Blankets

Total Project Value: R31 532.98



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Manenberg Fire 21 January 2016

Gift of the Givers delivered aid to 7 families in the impoverished area of Manenberg after their homes caught aflame

  • 32 The Foschini Group Blankets
  • 7 Food Parcels
  • 7 Hygiene Packs
  • 7 Detergent Packs
  • 7 Bucket with Groceries

Total Project Value: R9 468.28


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Storm in Chesterville 12 April 2016

Gift of the Givers assist 160 residents in Chesterville, Jamaica Extension in Cato Manor, after a storm caused damage to their homes and belongings.  The following aid was handed out:
  • 160 Food Parcels
  • 160 Detergents Packs
  • 160 Personal Hygiene Packs
  • 160 Blankets

Total Project Value: R233 600.00


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Storm in Mpolweni 20 January 2016

Over the holiday period the Mpolweni community faced a severe storm causing much damage to many homes. Gift of the Givers assisted the 600 community members with the below mentioned aid:

  • 450 Detergent Packs
  • 450 Personal Hygiene Packs
  • 900 PS Chocolates
  • 450 x 289g Knorr Chicken Stock
  • 450 x 200g Knorr Cubes
  • 900 x 80g Cremora
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Fire in Valencia 19 November 2016

19 homes on Burlington Road in Valencia were destroyed by a fire. The Gift of the Givers team responded with:

  • Blankets
  • Food Parcels
  • Detergent Packs
  • Personal Hygiene Packs

Total Project Value: R32 380.00

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Fire in Masiphumelele, Fish Hoek, 11 October 2016

14 shacks burnt in the township of Masiphumelele in Fish Hoek over the weekend, the Gift of the Givers team responded with:

  • 48 Blankets (TFG)
  • 14 20g x 5 Joko Tea
  • 28 x 2kg Rice
  • 28 x 735ml Omo
  • 28 x 75ml Oral B
  • 28 x 250g Flora
  • 28 x 300g Pasta

Total Project Value: R13 523.94

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Fire in Overcome Heights 29 August 2016

Gift of the Givers responds to a fire in Overcome Heights, Muizenberg. The fire erupted on the 25th August during the working day causing no casualties but levelling many shacks in the poverty stricken township. It was contained by community members present. Gift of the Givers was present in the immediate aftermath and committed to assistance with goods once the living space was rebuilt which we

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Fire in Lamontville 20 May 2016

Gift of the Givers responds within a few hours of receiving an email from Vivienne, owner of  a bakery in Durban, who requested assistance for the 80 families affected by a fire that completely destroyed their homes. The fire was caused by an electrical fault at the informal settlement in Lamontville, Durban.

Our truck arrived with food parcels, blankets, tents, personal hygiene packs and

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Fire in Manenberg 29 January 2016

4 families in Manenberg received aid from Gift of the Givers after their homes were destroyed by a fire.

  • 16 The Foschini Group Blankets
  • 4 Food Parcels
  • 4 Hygiene Packs
  • 4 Detergent Packs
  • 2 Mattresses

Total Project Value: R6 230.44


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Fire in Vrygrond 21 April 2016

43 community members in Vrygrond who were worst affected by the fire received the following aid package:

  • 43 Food Parcels                
  • 43 Detergent Packs   
  • 43 Kitchen Utensils          
  • 43 Hygiene
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Fire in Imizamo Yethu 01 March 2016

Gift of the Givers responded to the fire in Imizamo Yethu, Hout Bay which occurred on Saturday (27/02/2016). Approximately 538 people were displaced and 1 person unfortunately lost their life. GOTG delivered 560 blankets, donated by The Foschini Group, to the community.


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Fire in Ocean View Jan 2016

The fire in Ocean View occurred on Monday, 11 January 2016, at the Rasta Informal Settlement, and on Wednesday the Gift of the Givers team rendered assistance to the fire victims. 27  shacks burned down, 27 families (+- 80 people) including children were left homeless. Shelter has been provided at the Ocean View Hall until the City of Cape Town provides building material to erect new homes.


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