16/03/2017 - Nongoma Drought Relief

Sounds of joy echoed through the community of Kwanogcoyi SP School and the community of Nongoma as the team unpacked the water. A community in constant need of water as the effects of drought still impact them. The children could not hold back their excitement and offered to assist the team to distribute the aid items.

All of the above was made possible due to a wonderful partnership between Gift

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13/03/2017 - PAFTA

Gift of the Givers handed over furniture, 2 cupboads and 10 chairs, to Pietermaritzburg Association For The Aged (PAFTA).

Total Project Value: R3 800.00.

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1000 Hills Community Helpers

1000 Hills Community Helpers is situated in Inchanga and serves a community +- 30 000 people. Their mission is to improve the lives of children and adults infected and affected by chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, TB, Hepatitis, Cancer, Arthritis and Hypertension through home based primary health care clinics, feeding scheme ECD programmes, counselling and support groups.

The organisation also

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10/03/2017 - Acacia Park Garden Project

Our garden project continues to grow with Acacia Park being the latest location for a flourishing community garden. Gift of the Givers in partnership with Capital City Housing (NPC) donated:

  • 1000Lt Water Container
  • 25kg Mealie Seeds
  • 10 x 5kg Fertilizer
  • 10 Detergent Packs
  • 10 Soup Packs
  • Seedlings

Total Project Value: R10 250.00

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10/03/2017 - Fruitspot

Gift of the Givers and Fruitspot have partnered since January 2017 in supplying carefully screened NGO's with fruit and vegetables. We were asked to donate to Creches, Disability Centres, Orphanages, Day Care and Old Age Homes.

Organisations collect on a weekly basis and in order to provide the best possible service we distribute to 30 NGO's daily. These donations feed approximately 32000 people

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02/03/2017 - Jozini Community

Gift of the Givers distributes clothing and other aid items to the Jozini community.

  • 7 Bales of Clothing
  • 500x 735ml Omo Concentrated
  • 2016 x 250g Flora Tubs
  • 500 Food Parcels
  • 500 Personal Hygiene Packs
  • 41 Cases of Kit Kat Chocolate

Total Project Value: R505 170.00.

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Disaster Response