Malabley IDP's and Disabled Recipients

400 underprivileged families in Malabley IDP camps in Mogadishu receive food parcels.
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Monthly families food parcels distributed to 250 Disables Family Centre (DFC) in Mogadishu Somalia..
These are the most vulnerable people in the community.

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Food Parcels Delivered to IDP's in Taiz Province

Food Parcels Delivered to IDP's in Taiz Province
Gift of the Givers distributes Food Parcels to 193 families from the IDP's in Shamaitain school and 150 families from Adod Village in Taiz province. Each parcel consisted of:
  • 15 kg Sugar
  • 6 Canned Foods
  • 3 Packets of Cerevita
  • 5 litres Cooking Oil
  • 25 kg Rice


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Loading of Humanitarian Aid for Somalia and Yemen

Loading of Humanitarian Aid for Somalia and Yemen
Gift of the Givers will be loading several containers of aid destined for Somalia and Yemen. Collectively, 30 million people are affected in both countries because of famine and war.

Gift of the Givers have offices and teams in both countries. Provision of food, water, medical services, new clothing, setting up of refugee camps, taking care of the blind, physically and mentally challenged,
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Hunger in Africa: Catastrophe in the Making

Gift of the Givers has experienced the tragedy of famine in Niger in 2005 and Somalia in 2011. Families walked hundreds of kilometres in search of food. In that desperate situation a parent or a child was left to die because no one had the energy to carry them to a Feeding Centre. This is the tragic effect of hunger, thirst and associated disease all of which are preventable.

The exact scenario

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Humanitarian Aid for Somalia and Yemen

This Saturday, 3 June, we are loading containers of food and medical aid for Somalia and Yemen. This is our ongoing response to the famine in these countries. If you want to make a contribution in cash or kind, now is the time. Loading will take place at our Logistics Centre in Bramley, Johannesburg, and at our new facility in Dube Trade Port at King Shaka Airport.

Contributions into Gift of the

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Disaster Response


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