The First Honey of the Season

Yesterday, 16 November 2017, Gift of the Givers visited the bees rescued in June of this year during our Knysna fire response. And what a gift it was to see that they’re not only thriving but 3 times the size they were since we first rescued them.

With a deep respect for the honeybee, Dr Sooliman carefully transfers these invaluable creatures to a new hive.

From bee, to hive, to bottle. An absolutely pure, sweet and sticky honey is poured into a bottle by Dr Sooliman, the first honey of the season.

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GOTG to Rehabilitate Beehives in Knysna

GOTG to Rehabilitate Beehives in Knysna
The fire in Knysna took its toll on people, homes, businesses, pets, horses, livestock, economy, environment and on BEES. More than 300 beehives were destroyed; each hive holds roughly 60 000 bees. Those bees that survived are traumatised and hungry. They are in search of a hive and forage to survive.

The Cape bee is unique. She is the only honeybee in the world that can create a laying worker

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