13/02/2019 - Distribution of Water and Siting of Boreholes in Grahamstown Today

There were jubilant shouts of "amanzi", with faces beaming in disbelief as people ran towards our trucks entering Grahamstown. Nine days of no water, nine days of desperation. The crowds, including many university students, gathered outside the municipality eagerly awaiting whatever they could get. Our teams commenced delivery whilst Dr Gideon Groenewald, Gift of the Givers hydrologist, briefed
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A Dry Gouritz River

The Gouritz river has been dry for the last 4 years due to the devastating drought in the Karoo. It runs thru Leeu Gamka, Laingsburg, Prince Albert, Albertina and Mossel Bay.

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Gift of the Givers arrived in Beaufort West on 5 February.

Gift of the Givers arrived in Beaufort West on 5 February to deliver two trucks of water for the emergency room. Ali Sablay, Gift of the Givers Project Coordinator, was welcomed by the Deputy Mayor Truman Prince, Speaker, Michael Motsoane and Chief, Whip Kilani who accompanied our team to the store room, the reclamation plant and Gamka dam.

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Save the sheep, save the farm, save the farmer, save the farmworker, save the economy. 2019 - drought is decimating South Africa.

Henk Kruger, photo-journalist with African News Agency, spent four days with Gift of the Givers teams in various parts of the Western Cape this week, investigating the effects of the drought on man, animal and the environment, talking to municipalities, residents, farmers, visiting "empty" dams and "dried" rivers, emotionally traumatised as he witnesses sheep dying in front of his very eyes (64
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Pallet Housing

Gift of the Givers had provided pallets to farmworkers in Sutherland. This is the type of house built by them out of their own creativity.

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01/2019 - Limpopo Clinics Receive Water Purification Powder

Gift if the Givers delivers bottled water and water purification powder from Proctor and Gamble to 2 clinics in Limpopo. The patients from nearby villages still consume water from the river posing a huge risk to their health.

The Malepo and Mamushi clinics additionally received:

3 x bulk packs of adult diapers
4 x boxes of cotton wool
3 x bulk packs of baby diapers
1 x box of hand sanitizer
3 x

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50 000lts to Kannaland Municipality

Gift of the Givers handed over 50 000lt of Bottled Water to the Kannaland Muncipality which is part of the Klein Karoo.

The Gift of the Givers team was welcomed into the town by Kannaland Mayor, Magdalene Barry.

In an attempt to save water, some municipalities turn off the water supply between 9pm and 5am.

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Loading Water for Laingsburg

Gift of the Givers loading bottled water for the drought stricken town of Laingsburg at our warehouse in Tygerberg. MEC for Local Goverment, Minister Anton Bredell, present during loading.

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Calvinia Gratitude

Fodder Delivery continues.

"Today we're short of words to express our gratitude towards GIFT OF THE GIVERS. In an ongoing drought it is more likely to lose... Rather than gain hope. But thanks to all of you, we were once again blessed, with free transport for 3 trucks of lucern. Thank you for giving us hope, and the courage to continue what we were born to do... Farming! We want to thank you

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09/02/2019 - Voel Vlei and Die Vlaktes in Mossel Bay.

Gift of the Givers delivered 2 truckloads of fodder to the distressed farmers of Voel Vlei and Die Vlaktes in Mossel Bay.

Farmers were overwhelmed by this delivery as they could no longer afford to feed their livestock. One farmer sold his vehicles in order to be able to purchase animal feed.

While visiting 2 farms with journalist Henk Kruger, our team discovered 15 dead sheep in the fields.

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Grahamstown on the Verge of Day Zero. Rhodes University in Danger of Shutting Down.

Makhanda (Grahamstown) is in serious trouble, water speaking. Settlers Dam is at 13%, water cannot be extracted from the last 10% due to high silt levels, effectively it has 3% reserves. Waainek Water Treatment Works that receives water from the very much smaller Howiesons Poort Dam had a problem with its pumping capacity due to electrical failure recently and was out of service for a few days.
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Fodder Delivery in Williston

The drought in South Africa has had a devastating impact on man and animal; many South Africans are not aware of the extent of the catastrophe. Gift of the Givers has delivered R65 million of fodder in the period August 2017 - December 2018.

The new delivery commenced today with a generous contribution of R600 000 of high quality luserne from Rall Yzelle in Thabazimbi. This load is earmarked for

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More Water for Beaufort West and Laingsburg.

"Last emergency Bottle Water to Run out in Beaufort West

The Beaufort West Municipality will be running out of emergency bottle water within the next day.

This is a direct result of the low reservoir levels in town over the past months that caused that the municipality had to distribute the emergency water that was donated by Gift of the Givers for Day Zero and emergency cases.

The municipality

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More Municipalities Request Emergency Water Assistance in the Western Cape.

Following urgent delivery of bottled water to crisis hit Laingsburg and Beaufort West in the last two weeks, Gift of the Givers expected more municipalities to call us directly as many of the outlying Western Cape areas are water distressed for several weeks now. Gift of the Givers brought in 300 containers of bottled water by ship and road to Cape Town from January 2018 at our cost to assist the

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Another Municipality in the Western Cape Runs out of Water

First it was Beaufort West that ran out of water two weeks ago. Gift of the Givers received frantic calls from the municipality, responded and is still responding.

Today Gift of the Givers received frantic calls again: "Laingsburg Municipality is currently running out of water. The main water source, Soutkloof fountain has dried up. Very low levels of water in the main reservoir and consumption

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