Japan Earthquake / Tsunami Campaign

How serious are we as a society in imparting values of Ubuntu and Humanity to our children and those around us, both in word and example. Gift of the Givers Japan Earthquake/Tsunami campaign addresses this very issue by encouraging South African students at all levels, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary, to participate in a campaign that will serve our own value system more than it will serve Japan.

In a world seriously challenged with the ongoing aftermath of global recession, negative growth and failing economies, man can lose his innate potential of selflessness. Technological advancement, entrepreneurial excellence and wealth generation becomes an obsession, not that that in itself is a negative concept, for the outcome maybe positive, leading to job creation and the evolution of society. However, that evolution, out of necessity, has to be accompanied by the spirit of giving, sharing and reflecting on the pain of others, in this case the children and people of Japan. It is in the reflection and the "giving till it hurts" that we develop a caring generation, which in spiritual terms brings its own blessing spiritually and materially.

Gift of the Givers invites learners and parents to join this campaign of Ubuntu to benefit a society which has not asked, nor have they complained but have patiently endured whatever befell them. They are an extension of our humanity, they are a part of the global family, that makes them our people, our family.

The process is very simple: each school that chooses to participate will get a form that has 30 columns; each column represents a R10 donation. The school decides how many forms it requires (see participating schools list on our website). Adults can also participate in their workplace, sports clubs, social groups. To promote this very important spirit of sharing and caring, each participating school will receive a generous detergent hamper sponsored by Unilever; each participating child will receive a beautiful certificate, the highest collector in every class will receive a medal and every participating school will receive a trophy, all courtesy of Gift of the Givers. To participate call our offices toll free on 0800786911

Selected schools will feature on SABC as this campaign is fully supported by them and endorsed both by the CEO, Robin Nicolson, and the CSI arm. Direct deposits into Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Account No. 061947636, Branch Code 057525.

Fax or email deposit slip to our offices for acknowledgement of your contribution.

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Click here for a list of schools in support of the Japan Campaign.