30/01/2013 - Nkandla Community

GOTG together with Ebrahim Ally of Tricircle, visited a poor community in Nkandla, the birthplace of President Jacob Zuma. The elderly spoke with great fondness for our President, telling stories of how they watched him grow. On that high note the GOTG team distributed 2 Wheelchairs and Food Parcels to 120 people.

  • 10kg Rice
  • 10kg Mealie Meal
  • 10kg Oil
  • 400g Tin Beans
  • 10kg Sugar
  • Salt
  • 400g Soya Soup
  • 400g Knorrox Soup
  • 120 Blankets
  • 2 Wheelchairs

Total Project Value: R15 000.00

  • Nkandla_distribution_30_January_2013_pic_2
  • Nkandla_distribution_30_January_2013_pic_3

25/01/2013 - Distribution of Margarine

25/01/2013 - Distribution of MargarineGift of the Givers distributes Margarine to various underprivileged locations in Pietermaritzburg, KZN.




Project Value

Rainbow Haven

Old Age Home

5 x 12.5kg


Sunlit Garden


5 x 12. 5kg


H.S.Ebrahim School

School for Children with Special Needs

5 x 12.5kg


Total Project Value: R5 250.00

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16/01/2013 - Bursaries

The challenges facing our youth are enormous but nothing could be more demotivating than the lack of opportunity.  Thousands strive to obtain a university entrance matric result but limited spaces are compounded by a lack of funding for those fortunate few who are accepted.  A university education passionately pursued could be the defining moment between abject poverty and life altering, dignified
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11/01/2013 - Wheelchair to Prince Mshiyeni Hospital

11/01/2013 - Wheelchair to Prince Mshiyeni Hospital

The team arrived at Prince Mshiyeni Hospital to a heavyhearted patient who couldn't fathem how she would cope once her leg is removed. How would she get around, how will she afford a wheelchair?.

Her face simply beamed when we presented a new wheelchair to her. She felt hopeful that it's not the end of the road for her.

Total Project Value: R1 500.00

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17/01/2013 - Family Planning Awareness

17/01/2013 - Family Planning Awareness

Nursing sister, S. Zuma, organized a Family Planning Awareness Day for the Impendle community as many of the families live below the bread line and cannot afford to have more children. She provided education on the topic with the hope that better choices will be made amongst families and youth. The Nxamalala Clinic hosted the event.

GOTG distributed 500 Soup Packs which consisted of:

  • Rama Sachets
  • Knorrox
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15/01/2013 - Jumpstart Entrepreneur Bafana Mbongwa

15/01/2013 - Jumpstart Entrepreneur Bafana MbongwaStand out entrepreneur Bafana Mbongwa has done it again. This Zwelibanzi High School Jumpstart recipient has grown his business to a new level. After receiving an equipment boost from the team, Bafana has earned enough money to buy a second brush cutter and now employs a family member. This expansion allows Bafana to take on more jobs thus growing his business. Well done Bafana you have showed us
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09/01/2012 - Jumpstart Entrepreneur Sabiha Hoosain

09/01/2012 - Jumpstart Entrepreneur Sabiha HoosainWell done to Entrepreneur Sabihah Hoosen of Phoenix. Her unique innovative scarf pin accessories were an instant hit in her community. She proves to be the ideal entrepreneur as she identified a unique gap around her and she then created a unique and innovative product to satisfy this niche. This is true creativity. The business has done exceptionally well over the holiday period and the team
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