29/03/2013 - Youth Awareness Campaign

Young and elderly gathered at the Richmond Hospital for a Youth Awareness Day. Amongst the crowd were people infected with HIV/AIDS who encouraged the youth to abstain from sexual activity as the consequences are severe.

The Love Life group put together an amazing drama which shed some light on the reality of living a promiscuous life.

GOTG supported the awareness day by Providing a Meal and Food Packs to each person.

Total Project Value: R225 000.00
  • Richmond_1
  • Richmond_2
  • Richmond_3
  • Richmond_4

27/03/2013 - Heather Secondary Table Tennis

27/03/2013 - Heather Secondary Table Tennis

Heather Secondary School in Pietermaritzburg encourages sporting activities amongst pupils. These range from Volleyball and Netball to Athletics and various others. GOTG is a big supporter of sports development in youth and donated a Table Tennis set to the school. The equipment was received by Mr S Reddy, Head of Sports Department.

Total Project Value: R2 200.00

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20/03/2013 - Umlaas Community

20/03/2013 - Umlaas Community

Gift of the Givers distributed Margarine and Soup Packs to 600 people from the Umlaas community after being contacted by Les Govender, a South African citizen passionate about assisting underprivileged communities.

  • 600 x 500g Rama Margarine
  • 600 Soup Packs

Total Project Value: R225 000.00

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19/03/2013 - Mpumuza Garden Group

19/03/2013 - Mpumuza Garden GroupA vibrant garden group of 50 members in Mpumuza, led by a lady named Olga, gathered at Blackburn Sports Grounds in Pietermaritzburg to receive garden supplies from GOTG.
  • 50 x 25kg Mealie Seeds
  • 30 x 5kg Fertilizer
  • Food Packs
  • 240 x 500g Rama Margarine Bricks

Total Project Value: R65 000.00

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15/03/2013 - Reabone Centre

15/03/2013 - Reabone CentreSoweton headlines “Kids beg for used bath soap” got everyone to notice the Reabone Centre in Brits. The children have no toys, blankets nor stationery and sometimes nothing to eat.

GOTG distributes aid together with Radion 2000 to the Reabone Centre in Brits.

Total Project Value: R66 400.00
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11-14/03/2013 - Advanced Play Skills

11-14/03/2013 - Advanced Play SkillsGift of the Givers held an advanced play skills (A.P.S.) training for its volunteer counsellors from 11-14 March 2013.
This was facilitated by in-house trainers Aqirah Rawat, Hajoo Dadabhai and Maymoona Aboobaker.
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11/03/2013 - Phoenix Heights Primary

11/03/2013 - Phoenix Heights PrimaryPhoenix Heights Primary hosted a fun run where 25 children participated. GOTG was contacted to award the runners with:
  • 25 Personal Hygiene Packs
  • 25 Food Packs
  • 25 Detergent Packs
Total Project Value: R21 251.00.
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09/03/2013 - GOTG in Partnership with VOC Golden Hour Luncheon

09/03/2013 - GOTG in Partnership with VOC Golden Hour Luncheon

Gift of the Givers in partnership with Voice of the Cape hosts a Golden Hour Luncheon

Once again on Saturday the 9th of March 2013 Gift of the Givers partnered with the Voice of the Cape, Community Radio Station to hosted their 3rd Annual Golden Hour Luncheon Fundraiser in honor of our senior citizens at the Athlone Civic Centre in Athlone, Western Cape. 900 VOC listeners attended this fundraiser
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08/03/2013 - Baphumelele Children’s Home

08/03/2013 - Baphumelele Children’s HomeOn Friday the GOTG Team and ETV Celebs went to the Baphumelele Children’s Home in Khayelitsha. Mama Rosie Mashale, Founder and Director, takes care of 103 children from birth to 18 years old. The children are placed in her care by the state, majority being orphans, HIV/AIDS infected or abused and abandoned.

The staff members consist of care givers, social workers and volunteers from the United
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05/03/2013 - Careline PC Workshop

05/03/2013 - Careline PC WorkshopGift of the Givers Careline had an introductory workshop on computers at their March Core group. This was facilitated
by volunteer counsellor Shamima Mall. The presentation was conducted by Saajid, an IT specialist, from Talk Stylish.
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01-02/03/2013 - Ad Durayhimi Villages

01-02/03/2013 - Ad Durayhimi VillagesGOTG, Yemen branch, distributes Food Parcels to 1310 families from 10 villages in the Ad Durayhimi Region:
  • Al Taaef
  • Al Munaqam
  • Julaifiqah
  • Al Laweah
  • Al Ormareah
  • Al Mahal
  • Deer Hasa
  • Jurabi
  • Al Mukaimenah
  • Kadbah

Items distributed includes:
  • 5 Bundles of Mixed Clothing
  • 2620 Bottles of Cooking Oil
  • 1310 Bags of Rice
  • 1310 Bags of Spaghetti
  • 1310 Cans Baked Beans
Total Project Value: R631.78
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20/03/2013 - Siyajabula Home

20/03/2013 - Siyajabula Home

The look on each little face as the GOTG and Barloword PMB teams unpacked their gifts could easily bring tears of joy. Being an institution that struggles to make ends meet, receiving school uniforms and other essential items was a real treat for the 25 orphaned and disabled children. Items included:

  • Bulk Food
  • 3 x 12.5kg Cake Mix
  • 16 x 50g Glen Tea
  • 80 x 50g Curry Powder
  • 160 x 100g Knorrox Soup
  • 20 x 1.8kg
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19/03/2013 - SAVF Old Age Home

19/03/2013 - SAVF Old Age HomeThe SAVF Old Age Home in Pietermaritzburg cares for 100 seniors. GOTG distributed the following aid to assist with the ever increasing cost of living:

  • Bulk Food
  • 100 x 500g Rama Margarine
  • 1x 25kg Mrs Balls Chutney
  • 3 x 12.5kg Cake Mix
  • 6 x 2lt Mustard Sauce
  • 100 Personal Hygiene Packs
  • 1 Large Unilever Household Pack

Total Project Value: R55 350.00

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19/03/2013 - Aryan Benevolent Home for the Aged

19/03/2013 - Aryan Benevolent Home for the Aged

Aryan Benevolent Old Age Home in Pietermaritzburg cares for the beloved frail and aged. In partnership with the South African Post Office, GOTG served a meal to the seniors and handed out Personal Hygiene Packs.

With the constant increase in running costs, the home experiences great difficulty in providing adequately for the residents. Our aid was warmly welcomed.

  • 50 Hygiene Personal Packs
  • 1 Large
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16/03/2013 - Aquatics Development Programme

16/03/2013 - Aquatics Development ProgrammeAs part of our Sports Development project, GOTG supports the Aquatics Development Programme who hosted a swimming gala in Pietermaritzburg. The event took place at the Olympic Swimming Pool in Newholmes where children from surrounding schools competed against each other in various races and relays.

Gift of the Givers presented each participant with a medal, a wors roll and juice.
  • 150 Medals
  • 100
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13/01/2013 - Siyabambisana Sewing Group

13/01/2013 - Siyabambisana Sewing Group

GOTG distributes fabric and seeds to the Siyabambisana Sewing Group in Edendale. The produce is sold for an income and also used to feed the families. Items distributed were:

  • 65 Food Packs
  • 130 x 500g Margarine
  • 10 Bags Material
  • 2 Bags x 25kg Corn Seeds
Total Project Value: R22 000.00

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12/03/2013 - KwaDukuza Community

12/03/2013 - KwaDukuza Community

A community worker of the KwaDukuza Municipality contacted Gift of the Givers for assistance. Our team glady put together the aid package as the living conditions in this area is poor due to unemployment. The disabled community members receive a small grant which barely covers all costs.

  • 150 Food Packs
  • 150 Detergent Packs
  • 1 Large Unilever Household Pack

Total Project Value: R91 500.00

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10/03/2013 - Children's Home in Hodaidah City

10/03/2013 - Children's Home in Hodaidah CityThe GOTG Yemen team visited a home for abused children in Hodaidah city. The center houses 130 children. Food Parcels and other aid items were distributed not only to the centre but to 100 families living nearby. The items distributed:

  • Mixed Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Cooking Oil
  • Rice
  • White Sugar
  • Personal Hygiene Packs
  • Green Beans
  • Spaghetti

Total Project Value: R 152 100.00
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08/03/2013 - Food Distribution in Al-Tuhaita Villages

08/03/2013 - Food Distribution in Al-Tuhaita VillagesThe GOTG Yemen team distributed Food and Clothing to 940 families from 8 villages (Al-Modm, Al-Gabaliah, Al-Jah, Al-Tuhaita, Al-Magras, Haemah Al-Saheleah, Doom Al-Hadi, Al-Maslab).

  • Clothing
  • 1880 Bottles of Cooking Oil
  • 940 Bags of Rice
  • 470 Bags of Spaghetti
  • 1880 Baked Beans

Total Project Value: R417 654.00
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05/03/2013 - Ashburton Mission

05/03/2013 - Ashburton Mission

Nestled away in a little dorpie outside Pietermaritzburg is the Ashburton Mission. It serves as a home to 22 children who have been abused or born with abnormalities. With many of the abuse cases, Director Stuart Knight, explains that they are abused because they are born with disabilities and/or abnormalities. Such extreme abuse where children's body parts are severed for use in witchcraft.


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