26/09/2013 - Mooi River Community

Ithubalabo Developers are a group of people who are passionate about making a difference in poor communities in and around the Mooir River area. Due to the lack of funds, the Ithubalabo Developers contacted GOTG informing the team of the poverty they witness in the area. The GOTG team loaded a van with supplies and made their way to the community where they distributed:

  • 105 Soup Packs
  • 105 Personal Hygiene Packs

Total Project Value: R84 000.00

  • Mooi_River_1
  • Mooi_River_2

27/09/2013 - Reach for Recovery

27/09/2013 - Reach for Recovery

Reach for Recovery is a group of volunteers who have been diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives. The group hosted an awareness campaign at the Botanic Gardens in Durban to support the 'new comers' and educate them how to overcome the disease.

In recognition of the upcoming Breast Cancer Month, GOTG distributes 250 Personal Hygiene Packs to each woman.

Total Project Value: R100

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04/09/2013 - SoPhia Book Launch

04/09/2013 - SoPhia Book Launch

Gift of the Givers Careline Counselling hosted South African author, poet and sociologist, Shafinaaz Hassim at their September core group to launch  her latest work SoPhia.

SoPhia is a novel that uses narrative to illustrate the different discourses that are played out in the Indian community.  Discourses such as "Silence around various forms of abuse", "Normalizing abuse", "The female

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06/09/2013 - KwaPata Salon

Neliswe Hair & Beauty Salon in KwaPata receives Hair Products from GOTG to boost her business. Over the years she has created employment for women in the community as well as training in the industry.


  • 60 Relaxer Kits
  • 18 x 1lt Sunsilk Shampoo and Conditioner
  • 36 x 750ml Organics Shampoo
  • 36 x 250ml Blue Seal Vaseline
  • 1 x 5lt Sunsilk Hair Relaxer


Total Project Value: R6 000.00



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04/09/2013 - Aiding KZN Communities

Serving the underprivileged in Durban and Pietermaritzburg with Food Parcels and Personal Hygiene Packs.




Mthokozisi Creche, Pietermaritzburg

200 x 35g Cook in Bag
10 x 2kg Savoury Beef
960 x 240g Knorrox Stock Cubes
240 x 80ml Purity
1000 x 10g Sauce Sachets
320 x 20g Cup a Soup
4 x 3kg Knorr Soup
24 x 390g Mrs Balls Chutney

R5 000

Pafta, Pietermaritzburg

125 Personal

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13/09/2013 - Sweetwaters Orphans

13/09/2013 - Sweetwaters Orphans

16 and 18 year old orphaned brothers went without food for 3 long days. Their parent passed away, leaving them a house to live in, but nothing else. They attend the local school and refuse to leave the house in search of a home as they feel their parents would have wanted them to stay. A story in the Ilanga newspaper hilighting their plight, moved a community worker to contact GOTG.

The GOTG team

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06/09/2013 - PMB Creches

GOTG distributes Food Parcels to 6 creche's in Pietermaritzburg:

Sinothando, Alpha, Senzokuhle, Vulemehlelo, Siyabonga and Siyazama Creche.

Creche's received:

  •     12 x 250g Joko Tea Bags
  •     240g x 24 Pack Knorrox Cubes
  •     6000 x 10g Tomotoe Sauce Sachets
  •     2304 x 20g Cup a Soup
  •     6 x 2.5kg Custard Powder
  •     18
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04/09/2013 - Distribution of Frozen Soup to CT Institutions

Gift of the Givers brings warmth and joy to the freezing Cape Town weather distributing Soup to the following institutions in the Western Cape.

InstitutionDescription Quantity Project Value

Balgravia Senior Citizens

Old Age Home

108 Tins Quality Street Chocolates
30 x 1kg Soup
30 Loaves of Bread


R4 618.27

Cpoa Erica Place

Old Age Home

108 Tins Quality Street Chocolates
30 x 1kg Soup
40 Loaves of Bread

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