Fire in KwaMashu November 2012

Totally destroyed and shattered were the 35 families of a KwaMashu hostel. Their home was reduced to nothing during a heavy storm on Monday when a candle fell over burning a curtain and spread through the entire hostel.Thankfully there were no injuries as the community quickly assisted the victims to escape the horrific blaze.

Aaron Mbango, a community worker, informed GOTG about the disaster and a team was dispatched to distribute:

  • 35 Food Hampers
  • 35 x 24 x 50g Rama
  • 100 Blankets
  • 35 Personal Hygiene Packs

Total Project Value: R43 500.00

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Storm in Curry's Post November 2012

Storm in Curry's Post November 2012

A severe storm past through Curry's Post, KZN, and for 4 families living in informal settlements it proved to be absolutely devastating. Their roof tops were blown away and all that was left were waterlogged structures once called 'home'. Ward Councillor, Mr S. D. Nkuna, contacted Gift of the Giverds for assistance and our team responded with:

  • 4 Personal Hygiene Packs
  • 8 Blankets
  • 4 Boxes of Rama
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Storm in Ntabamhlophe September 2012

Storm in Ntabamhlophe September 2012It was a sad day in Ntabamhlophe, Escourt as 50 victims picked up the remnants of their belongings after a disasterous storm hit their community. Their homes were simply blown away or flooded. Meals on Wheels coordinator, Sam, contacted GOTG for assistance.

GOTG distributes:
  • 100 Blankets
  • 50 Personal Hygiene Packs
  • 50 Food Parcels
Total Project Value: R40 000.00.
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Flood in Gugulethu July 2012

Flood in Gugulethu July 2012


A GOTG team went out to assist the flood victims in the Gugulethu area. We distributed Hot Soup with Bread and Blankets to Vukuzenzele Informal Settlement and Kanana Informal Settlement.

AreaQuantityProject Value

Kanana Informal Settlement

300 Blankets
Soup and Bread to 750 people

R28 500.00

Vukuzenzele Informal Settlement

200 Blankets
Soup and Bread to 350 people

R17 250.00

Total Project Value: R45

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Free State Tornado June 2012

Free State Tornado June 2012How can we not respond to a community that has exhibited overwhelming generosity to neighbours who lost material possessions, sustained physical injury and some ultimately paid with their lives through a freak tornado reminiscent of a similar disaster in Ficksburg and Duduza last year.

The South African spirit of ubuntu never fails and the compassion of our people never ceases to amaze.  Not a
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Fire in Alexandra May 2012

Fire in Alexandra May 2012A fire broke out on Saturday, 19 May, in Alexandra and rapidly spread burning 14 shacks to the ground. 2 people needed treatment in hospital due to burn wounds and smoke inhalation.

We were contacted by Mr Onke, a Ward Councillor and the ANC Women’s league to assist the people in their time of need. Upon our arrival we were welcomed by the ladies of the ANC Women’s league with singing and dancing,  Read more  

Flood in Ulundi January 2012

Flood in Ulundi January 2012

GOTG distributes aid items to the flood victims in Ulundi:

  • 250lt Meadow Delight
  • 25 x 500g (10 box) Rama margarine
  • 250 Food Parcels

Total Project Value: R108 750.00

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Storm in Mpoloweni November 2012

Storm in Mpoloweni November 2012

The Mpoloweni community was left in total despair and having to deal with the unfortunate drowning of one of it's members made the pain even worse. The severe storm blew roof tops, doors and windows away. Many of their belongings were damaged and Mr Vincent Mnwabe Councillor of Ward 10 Umshwathi, stepped in to assist. He contacted GOTG for aid after identifying 75 of the most severely affected

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Fire in Melmoth August 2012

Fire in Melmoth August 2012

150 families were left in shock after a fire broke out in the Melmoth community. GOTG assists these families by providing:

  • 150 Blanket
  • 150 Food Parcels

Total Project Value: R75 000.00.


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Fire Outside Copesville Quarry May 2012

Fire Outside Copesville Quarry May 2012

A fire broke out on Sunday, 24th May, just outside the Copesville Quarry by a candle lit in one of the shacks. It rapidly spread burning 9 shacks to the ground.

We were contacted by Mrs Lalitha, a Primary Health Care Educator, requesting us to respond to this disaster. Each shack has between 2 to 5 members in a family. They were pleased by our speedy response.

  • 9 Food Parcels

  • 9 Blankets

Total Project

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Vaal Dam Wall Burst May 2012

Vaal Dam Wall Burst May 2012On the 05 May the Vall dam wall bursts flooding 14 homes, and leaving 1 person dead. The Tzaneen SAPS called GOTG for assistance and on our arrival found that many of the residents were still displaced. We committed ourselves to donating 14 Zozos to the 14 affected families.

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Fire in Cato Manor June 2011

Fire in Cato Manor June 2011A devastating fire broke out in Cato Manor, where 130 houses were burnt to the ground. Cause of fire is unknown.

Affected residents received items to the value of R74 100.00 :
  • 130 Food Parcels
  • 130 Packs of 1 Kg Porridge
  • 130 Blankets
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