Fire in Valhalla Park December 2013


On Monday 23 December 2013 a fire broke out at the informal settlement in 8 De Laan, Valhalla Park near Bishop Lavis in the Western Cape. 350 shacks were gutted and approximately 1500 people left homeless two days before Christmas. The victims were placed in a nearby hall and were assisted by the City of Cape Town Disaster Management.

The GOTG team went to assess the situation and found that the fire victims were provided with hot meals therefore we assisted with brand New Clothing, Shoes, Disposable Nappies, Hygiene Packs and Blankets. The fire victims were overwhelmed as all items were displayed and the recipients could choose what suited them best. The distribution took place at a nearby school, Beauvallon Secondary and lasted for two days 27 & 28 December 2013.

Present at the distribution was Deputy Minister of International Relations, Marius Fransman.

Total Project Value: R493 966.25

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Fire in Sacca Informal Settlement October 2013

77 families had no where to turn after a fire destroyed their homes at the Sacca informal settlement in Ashburton. The 5 day showers in KZN unfortunately added to their discomfort. Ward Councillor, Sandy Lynn contacted GOTG for assistance, to which the team responded with:

  • Soup Packs
  • Blankets

Total Project Value: R42 350.00

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Fire in PMB CBD August 2013

13 homes were totally destroyed by a fire at Rosedale flats in Pietermaritzburg's CBD. Gift of the Givers together with the Msunduzi Municipality Disaster Management distirbutes the following aid to victims:

  •     100 Blankets
  •     13 Food Parcels
  •     13 Personal Hygiene Packs
  •     13 Household Detergent Packs

Total Project Value: R24 850.00


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Fire in Redhill and Nottingham Road August 2013

Residents walked through the ashes to find remnants of their belongings. The cause of the fire that tore through the informal settlements in Pietermaritzburg is unknown.

Gift of the Givers distributes aid to the destitute families of Nottingham & Redhill Community.



Project Value

Nottingham Road

120 Blankets
120 Soup Packs
120 Personal Hygiene Packs

R103 200.00


300 Blankets

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Fire in Dalton May 2013

GOTG distributes aid to a Dalton community after a fire destroyed their homes and belongings. The cause of the fire is unknown and thankfully none of the 250 residents were injured.

  • 250 Blankets
  • 250 Soup Packs
  • 250 Detergent Packs
  • 500 x 250g Rama Tubs

Total Project Value: R362 500.00

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Fire in Seacow Lake Settlement April 2013

260 families from the Seacow Lake settlement in Kenville are left homeless after a vicious fire destroyed their homes. There were no injuries nor deaths and the cause of the fire hasn't been confirmed yet although residents have speculated that a candle was blown over by the strong winds which was experienced through most of KZN over the weekend.

The GOTG team distributed the following aid items

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Fire in Mkondeni Ward 37 March 2013

Gift of the Givers donates Food Parcels to the 7 families who lost their homes and belongings in a fire. The residents aren't sure as to how the fire was started and expressed their shock at how quickly such a huge amount of damage was caused. Thankfully there were no injuries.

Total Project Value: R2 800.00.

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Fire in Hlalakahle Informal Settlement November 2013

The residents at the Hlalakahle Informal Settlement looked on in disbelief as their shacks burnts to the ground. 13 people will have to rebuild from the very beginning as none of their belongings were selvaged from the remains. Thankfully no injuries were sustained.

  • 13 Food Parcels
  • 13 Blankets
  • 13 Personal Hygiene Packs

Total Project Value: R12 480.00

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Fire in Alexandra October 2013

A fire, allegedly caused by a man who set light to his home after a domestic dispute with his partner, has left more than 200 people with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Massive damage was caused to the Madala Men's Hostel in Alexandra where 1 man lost his life and 4 others suffered injury.

The Gift of the Givers team met the group of disgruntled residents at a nearby sports ground where

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Reservoir Hills Fire Disaster August 2013

Gift of the Givers distributes aid to 300 families living in the Reservoir Hills informal settlement. Shacks were burnt to the ground with not 1 personal belonging selvageable from the ashes that remains.

Items distributed:

  • 300 Personal Hygiene Packs
  • 300 Blankets
  • 600 x 410g Tin Beans
  • 300 x 1kg Sugar Beans
  • 300 x 250g Glen Loose Tea
  • 600 x 125g Knorr Savoury Beef Mince
  • 300 x 2kg Rice
  • 300 x 24 Pack Knorr
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Fire in Welbedacht June 2013

A feeling of total despair permeates the 16 families as they watch their homes burn to the ground. They shuffle around a pile of warped corrugated sheeting in the hope of finding some of their belongings.

An elderly lady who lives alone in her shack started a fire outside to keep warm, unfortunately, the wind blew stronger and harder causing the fire to spread throughout the informal settlement,

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Flood in Kliptown April 2013

A combination of heavy rains and poor drainage systems caused major flooding in the Kliptown area. Residents, now homeless, have been evacuated to the Kliptown community centre for temporary shelter. GOTG worked closely with Reverend Hattingh from the local Anglican church, Aaron Ralatsame from Disaster Management and the local Ward Councillor, Ms. Sibanyoni to provide aid packages as most of

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Fire in Jika Joe Settlement April 2013

Another fire destroys 35 homes in the Jika Joe informal settlement in Pietermaritzburg. The families have no knowledge of how the fire started but are grateful for no injuries or deaths. GOTG was contacted by Disaster Management to assist and the team distributed the following items to the affected families:

  • 35 Food Parcels
  • 35 Personal Hygiene Packs
  • 35 Unilever Detergent Packs
  • 2 Boxes School Wear
  • Stationary
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Flood in Limpopo February 2013

Floods in Limpopo caused major destruction and left people in the area very devastated having lost most of their possessions, if not all. The heavy rains caused the nearby Mutale river to burst its banks destroying crops and irrigation systems, houses and streets were also washed away.

People literally fell to the ground with gratitude for the aid received from GOTG and SANTAM who donated

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