Japan Tsunami

We have had several enquiries as to whether or not we are responding to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. We have since the first day of the disaster been in communication with our partners, the Shotokan Karate-Do International (South Africa, Mr Sonny Pillay) / Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation (Japan, Mr Kancho Kanazawa). SKIF is headed by Mr Kancho Kanazawa, the Grandmaster based in Japan and is the only karateka ever to have won the 'All Japan karate Championship' an incredible three times in a row. Since then, he has been travelling throughout the world, bringing with him values, and the highest level karate knowledge.

Hereunder follows the reply from SKIF Japan, Mr Satoru Iwai (Senior Managing Director, SKIF Japan) and attached is the response we received from the Embassy of Japan in South Africa.

Unedited Version:

"Dear Sonny,
Thank you very much for your message.
Thank you very much for your utmost efforts to obtain the donation to the desaster of Earthquake/Tsunami.
I have sent our bank details already.
Besides I have your information that Dr. Sooliman is coming to Japan tomorrow and we have to
assist his work while he is staying in Japan.
However, it is not appropriate timing to come because
1. We are not able to communicate with North East (Iwate, Aomori, Miyagi) area yet. No telephone connection.
2. There are no transportation yet. Also no entry to the area except Rescue Troop nominated by Government.
3. It is said 20,000 peoples are died but not found their body yet and 450,000 refugees are waiting drink and foods
and blanket etc. Also those many of refugees are seeking their missing family.
4. Atomic Power Station in Fukushima, damaged by this earthquake creating new troubles of radioactive leakage.
5. Because of all Atomic Power Stations shut down, we have, from today, Planned Power shut down hours which
create 30-50% train stop, no electricity supply to everybody. Giving another confusion.
Under the circustances, we strongly recommend to postpone his visiting schedule till the time we can say
“Please come.”
Hope your understanding and confirm.
Satoru Iwai"

Our Search and Rescue, 17-member and 2-canine team, have been on standby since the 1st day of the disaster. Visa's have been processed and flights booked, however, based on the information above we have put the mission on hold until further notice. The main danger being the uncertainty of the nuclear reactor. We have already purchased essential items including food, water and blankets in Japan. This is being managed by SKIF Japan co-ordinator, Mr Sotaru Iwai.

Those willing to make a financial contribution toward the purchase of these essential items for the 600 000 refugees are welcome to deposit into Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Account 052278611, Branch Code 057525. Please fax or email deposit slip to 033 394 3780 or southafrica@giftofthegivers.org.

For further details call 0800 786 911.

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