25/03/2014 - Vezokhule Gardens

With the initial assistance of Gift of the Givers, a group of 4 men in Sinathing, KZN, started a community garden project called Vezokhule. GOTG continues the support with:

  • 10 x 5kg fertilizer
  • 1 Jojo Tank
  • 2 Bags of Mealie Seeds
  • 1 Roll Barb Wire
  • 1 Food Parcel
  • 3 Personal Hygiene Packs

Total Project Value: R9 400.00

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25/03/2014 - Greys Student Nurses

35 student nurses from Greys Hospital in Pietermaritzburg visited the Gift of the Givers Bombay gardens to familiarise themselves with community development projects. They were briefed by the GOTG team on how to maintain vegetable patches and gained further insight on family nutrition and self sustainability.

The group later returned to the GOTG warehouse where they were educated on what Gift of

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21/03/2014 - Arise and Shine

Arise and Shine, a community development group in Pietermaritzburg, hosted a "declaration walk" in Eastwood. The group aims to develop impoverished and neglected youth, teaching them life skills, promoting sports and various arts. Gift of the Givers encourages communities to develop and sustain their own and by doing so raise generations of independent and responsible adults.

After the walk, the

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15/03/2014 - Local Feeding

Gift of the Givers provides a Hot Meals for 650 people and distributes Unilever Detergent Packs.



Project Value

Natal Settlers Home

(250 Seniors)

1 Large Unilever Detergent Pack
250 x 100ml Toothpaste

R11 000.00

Kenneth Gardens Community

(400 People)


R10 000.00

Total Project Value: R21 500.00

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06/03/2014 - Happy Valley Feeding

The Happy Valley community in Pietermaritzburg is home to many impoverished families. One such resident, released from prison and reformed, approached Gift of the Givers for assistance as she tries to pay her dues and give back to her community. The GOTG team provided a hot meal for 200 residents as well as the necessary starter pack to begin a garden project.

  • 5 x 5kg Fertilizer
  • 2 Veg Packs
  • 1 Bag
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01/03/2014 - Phoenix Seniors

Gift of the Givers distributes 500 Personal Hygiene Packs and 2000 tubs of Flora Margarine to senior citizens at the Phoenix Survival Centre.

Total Project Value: R240 000.00


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25/03/2014 - Feeding at Civic Centre

Gift of the Givers, in recognition of Human Rights Day, provides a meal for 200 underprivileged community members at the Civic Centre in Northdale, Pietermaritzburg. Each person also received a Unilever Personal Hygiene Pack.

Total Project Value: R85 000.00



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25/03/2014 - Careline Coregroup

Despite GOTG Careline being in it's 17th year, they remain committed to professional execution of tasks within the organization and towards their clients. A workshop was held to revise their ethical guidelines to ensure the best practice in the provision of services.


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18/03/2014 - ILM Breakfast

ILM SA, The Institute of Learning and Motivation South Africa hosted Zohra Sooliman, director of Gift of the Givers Counselling Services, at a motivational breakfast morning on the 18th March 2014 in Durban.  The theme was “How to maintain your identity in a marriage”.  It stimulated vibrant discussion around the dilemma of juggling professional, family and social

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13/03/2014 - St Alois Primary

Local policeman, Mr Mkhulisi, was moved by the dedication of the learners at St Alois Primary school in Umzumkhulu, despite their poor living conditions and extreme poverty. He contacted Gift of the Givers for assistance and our team responded with:

  • 50 Pairs of School Shoes
  • 50 School Shirts
  • 50 Soup Packs
  • 50 x 24g Chips

Total Project Value : R 33 250.00

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01/03/2014 - Ezenzeleni Karate Club

Gift of the Givers supports the Ezenzeleni Karate Club in Bethlehem by handing over:

  • 19 T-Shirts
  • 19 Caps
  • Karate Equipment
  • Food
  • Transport to Championship

The 15 member Karate Club participated in an annual championship event hosted in Bethlehem and was pleased to inform the GOTG team that through their hard work and dedication, together with the support of GOTG, they obtained 10 gold medals, 4 silver

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