Tropical Cyclone November 2013

The Puntland State, located in the North Eastern part of Somalia was hit by a tropical cyclone on 10 Nov 2013.

Somalia has been destroyed by both man-made and natural disasters with prolonged civil war and famine since the collapse of a central government in 1991.

The tropical cyclone swept through the Eyl, Bandar Beyla, Dangorayo and Hafun districts along the east coast and across to Alula on the tip of the Horn of Africa.

The cyclone and the subsequent flash floods caused massive destruction resulting in the deaths of 178 people and rising as many fishermen and pastoralists are still missing. There is also the decimation of almost 1 million livestock and destruction of thousands of houses according to Local Authority Statistics. Pastoralists, agro-pastoralists and fishermen suffered severe loss with the pastoralists losing between 67 to 90 percent of their livestock. The farmers dependent on irrigation lost their entire crops and equipment used for pumping water. The fishermen had their fishing gear destroyed and boats damaged by the flood waters.

The local Authority of Puntland State in Somalia declared a natural disaster on 11 Nov and requested international assistance for the people of Puntland. Gift of the Givers with the Local Authority of Puntland State in Somalia worked together to assess the situation and critical aid distributions commenced on 17 November 2013.

The main road passing through all Cyclone affected areas between Puntland's capital city, Garowe, and the commercial key port city, Bosasso, was swept away by raging waters, hampering delivery of relief supplies. The GOTG team, with trucks loaded and teams ready for work, managed to find routes via dirt roads to 7 of the worst affected villages.

Temporary plastic shelter, blankets, 60 tons of food and non-food items were handed over to families who lost all possessions including their huts.

By the last week in November, the focus was on recovery efforts. Most of the dirt roads, which were previously cut off, were now accessible and aid packages streamed into the affected communities. Over 6 000 households had received different types of aid from Gift of the Givers who worked closely with the Puntland Local Authority and Somali Diaspora Association of Puntland who contributed by working voluntarily.

Total Project Value: R1 320 000.00