Prayer Request for Hostage Release

Gift of the Givers requests the prayer of all those willing to lend support in securing the release of the two hostages, Stephen McGown and Johan Gustafsson, held in captivity for 5 years today. It's been a tough and a rough ride for the two families. Supplication to the Almighty in whatever belief or universal system we follow is our special request to all humankind. The Gift of the Givers negotiator, Mohammed Yehia Dicko, is at a very critical point of the negotiations. Prayer will carry him and God Willing grant success. We ask you for your prayer if you feel strongly about this and to pass it on to your congregation, religious leaders, friends, etc. This is an earnest and humble request from Gift of the Givers and the McGown and Gustafsson families. Imtiaz Sooliman.

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