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Orphans Unpack their Toys and Stationery on Mandela Day in Turkey

July 23, 2019 Mandela Day 2019
Our team handed over stationery and toys to children at the Gift of the Givers Karim Orphanage in Turkey.

Iswepe Village Receives Mandela Day Food Parcels

July 23, 2019 Mandela Day 2019
Gift of the Givers and SAPS hand out 400 food parcels and TFG blankets to the most vulnerable and needy people of Iswepe Village in Mpumalanga.

Game Employees Pack Hygiene Packs for Mandela Day

July 23, 2019 Mandela Day 2019
On Mandela Day the staff at Game stores dedicated their time to packing 300 hygiene packs for impoverished youth.

Evelina Combined School

July 23, 2019 Mandela Day 2019
Gift of the Givers donated kitchen utensils and food to the Evelina Combined School in Yeoville. On Mandela Day the learners enjoyed a hot meal at school for the first time.


Projects - Hunger Alleviation

Food parcel programme to support nutrition in SA

Gift of the Givers started a national food parcel programme in 2002.A year later, they designed the food parcel programme for the Department of Social Development, who gave them R60 million to roll out 204,000 food parcels in KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape – a first for an NGO. 

In December 2005, Gift of the Givers was the largest contributor to the Malawian President’s “Feed the Nation Fund” to provide food parcels for famine victims.

Today, GOTG is the largest food parcel distribution agency in the country.

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Gauteng Feeding Scheme

GOTG started a mobile soup kitchen in March 2008, which covered the Berea area in Johannesburg. In March 2009, the weekly feeding scheme grew to five feeding points in the greater Johannesburg area and in May this year, we increased it to seven feeding points. People are fed either hot, thick soup or a lentil stew along with bread and rolls.