Gift of the Givers Careline has monthly meetings called Core Groups. These formal, closed meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month.

This meeting allows volunteer counsellors to look holistically into their volunteer services; it covers various aspects like the following;

  • Administration, management or house keeping matters. Strategic plans for the year, the changes or reformatting of documents and other administrative material. It also serves as a networking or information centre whereby counsellors are informed of activities, workshops, in-house and outside training or changes in Legislative matters.

  • It is also a platform created for counsellors to discuss their casework with colleagues to ensure that the correct approaches and protocols are followed. Counsellors are also given the opportunity to release any tension they have experienced during their many roles when assisting clients. This safe space created in this forum is very important as we understand and acknowledge that dealing with people's emotions could result in burnout if any unsettling matters are left unattended.

  • Since our volunteers work on a rotational bases, not much contact is maintained as their duties are twice a month. This core group meeting further allows volunteers to touch base and provide feedback of their activities undertaken regarding the services rendered under the Careline Counselling Programme.

  • Through hosting presentations and workshops it provides an opportunity to continue with the development of counsellors. These presentations and workshops at the monthly core group meetings serve to develop the skills of counsellors and equip them with appropriate tools relevant to the field of counselling. The choice of topics are decided through the case-load where “gaps” are identified in the services offered. Experts in these specialist areas are then invited to conduct training thus ensuring that counsellors are always well equipped to provide a professional service.

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